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    new cable issues

    Thank you all for the responses. I already had a powered usb hub and didn't think to use it. I plugged it into that, reconfigured and voilia it works. Thanks for the help!!! Now, fingers crossed it cuts accurately...
  2. jschilling

    new cable issues

    Hi Guys, I apologize posting here as I could not figure out where to post this question. Please tell me where I should post this question. I have a TC Series uscutter that I have been using for about 2 years now. I reconfigured my room setup and needed a longer cable. I purchased from amazon the following cable: Mediabridge USB 2.0 - A Male to B Male Cable (16 Feet) - High-Speed with Gold-Plated Connectors - Black I am having issues when I attempt to replace the current one with this one. I get the error 'usb device not recognized'. I attempted rebooting, re-installing the driver, and re-configuring the port. I can unplug it and plug in the old one and it configures the port correctly and works fine with the old (shorter) cable. However, every time I attempt to plug in the new longer cable I get the "usb device not recognized' error. Has anyone experienced the same problem? thank you.
  3. jschilling

    Cutting Card Stock

    Is there anything bigger than that? I have a 50" plotter and card stock that is a bit bigger than posterboard.
  4. jschilling

    Cutting Card Stock

    Can contact paper be used as a carrier sheet for card stock for the TC series UScutter?