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  1. tooler82

    New Printer/Cutter Purchase

    I’ve always heard Roland was the way to go. So you think eco solvent is the ink to go with? Also, do they make a printer / cutter combo or 2 different machines?
  2. Our Mimaki CJV30-130 is finally coming to the end of life. It’s been discontinued for a long time, and hard to get support now. Now we’re in the market for a new one. Just don’t know what the go to brand or model is. I see the new thing is UV LED. It’s dry as soon as it comes out. Any recommendations on something that will take us for awhile and not be outdated and discontinued as soon as we buy it?
  3. tooler82

    Can't Find Font

    I used what the font app on my phone, but it was way off. Plus couldn’t get it cleaned up enough to get a better try at it.
  4. tooler82

    Can't Find Font

    Thanks. It's insane you know so much lol.
  5. tooler82

    Can't Find Font

    I've looked through my 47,000 fonts I have on my computer with FontBase. Well, pretty much all lol. I can't clean this graphic up enough to get WTFont to work or any other sites. Anyone know something close: Me to the Moon.
  6. tooler82

    Manipulate Text

    Oh. Like an invisible circle?
  7. tooler82

    Manipulate Text

    Guess I could do text on a path then move it? I just tried it in Illustrator and an envelope distort looks ok. I wish the Flexi distort had more options.
  8. tooler82

    Manipulate Text

    What program can manipulate the text like in the screen shot? I know to rotate it, but they rotated it and it has an arch to it.
  9. tooler82

    Having a hard time

    Dimension wise it says it’s right now. Who knows. Still looks wrong. The bottom left does to me at least.
  10. tooler82

    Having a hard time

    I may have it now. You can see the burgandy line behind it. I did the shape and then made an arc between the two top points then adjusted the bottom points to match the angles. Now it’s square and not crooked.
  11. tooler82

    Having a hard time

    Yeah I put it in the scanner and tried to line it up. It’s so difficult since it’s not a flat top to put it to. I drew a box and tried rotating to get it straight across the box but hasn’t worked good either. Don’t know how else to do it.
  12. tooler82

    Template Background

    If it’s big and masking, it will slow it down for awhile. Should have seen when I had to print a 60’x60’ map. Yes that’s foot not inches. I made them into individual panels by masking 48”x30’ panels. Took longer than a minute or 2 to catch up.
  13. tooler82

    Having a hard time

    Taking the top one. The left side is higher.
  14. tooler82

    Having a hard time

    Like this. It looks ok, but it’s not. When I measure them they’re crooked. I can’t think of an easier way to do it though.
  15. tooler82

    Having a hard time

    Yeah trying to contour it to get the shape of the coin. I have the other vectors to put on it, but don’t have a vector of the actual shape. I did a circle for the middle. Then I drew one of the points off the circle. Then copied and pasted them to make the 5 points. Problem is I can’t get them right. Like one side of the point will be longer than the other or shorter.