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  1. tooler82

    Mask material recomendations

    I would assume it wouldn't be any different. I've always used the RTape 4075RLA. It's excellent transfer tape.
  2. tooler82

    Mask material recomendations

    I don't know how good it is, but I ordered some RTape Prograde Paint Mask that's yellow. Don't know what temp it goes up to, only says it can withstand short term bake cycles at +200 degrees Fahrenheit
  3. When we bought our printer and Grimco came and set it up, the installer said anything over a 6 ft cord will have data loss. It sucks because I need a long one for my setup at the shop, but had to rearrange to get the printer close to the computer.
  4. tooler82

    I’m back but how long?

    I've never understood how people make money on twitch. What's your channel?
  5. tooler82

    Decals for Aircraft

    Have the 3M. Also if you have to go on rivets be sure to use some Pro Bond or some other kind of adhesive promotor / primer.
  6. tooler82

    Decals for Aircraft

    I hope I was able to help them.
  7. tooler82

    Decals for Aircraft

    3M A7322 or Orajet 3967AC
  8. tooler82

    Decals for Aircraft

    Here's Chapter 8 with all the info. ama_Ch08.pdf
  9. tooler82

    Decals for Aircraft

    On fixed-wing aircraft, marks must be displayed on either the vertical tail surfaces or the sides of the fuselage. If displayed on the vertical tail surfaces, they shall be horizontal on both surfaces of a single vertical tail or on the outer surfaces of a multivertical tail. If displayed on the fuselage surfaces, then horizontally on both sides of the fuselage between the trailing edge of the wing and the leading edge of the horizontal stabilizer. Exceptions to the location and size requirement for certain aircraft can be found in 14 CFR part 45. On rotorcraft, marks must be displayed horizontally on both surfaces of the cabin, fuselage, boom, or tail. On airships, balloons, powered parachutes, and weight-shift control aircraft, display marks as required by 14 CFR part 45. Almost universally for U.S.-registered, standard certificated, fixed-wing aircraft, the marks must be at least12 inches high. A glider may display marks at least 3 inches high. In all cases, the marks must be of equal height, two-thirds as wide as they are high, and the characters must be formed by solid lines one-sixth as wide as they are high. The letters “M” and “W” may be as wide as they are high. The spacing between each character may not be less than onefourth of the character width. The marks required by 14 CFR part 45 for fixed-wing aircraft must have the same height, width, thickness, and spacing on both sides of the aircraft. The marks must be painted or, if decalcomanias (decals), be affixed in a permanent manner. Other exceptions to the size and location of the marks are applicable to aircraft with Special Airworthiness certificates and those penetrating ADIZ and DEWIZ airspace. The current 14 CFR part 45 should be consulted for a complete copy of the rules.
  10. tooler82

    Help with a font

    They didn't cut them for me. I ended up using the band saw and it didn't do so well.
  11. tooler82

    Help with a font

    Lol! I'll try. They're always trying to save a $. I order 12" and 24" RTape. What did I get? Yeah they changed the order to 2 rolls of 48" and told me to cut it to however big I need it to be because that's cheaper than buying different sizes.
  12. tooler82

    Help with a font

    Hate to bother you again, but realized there's a different font on the graphic they want too. Do you know this one?
  13. tooler82

    Help with a font

    Tried all the sites I know, but can't find this font.
  14. tooler82


    I did a little google search and found this:
  15. For clear I use RTape AT-65, but it's a high tack so not sure how good that'll be doing layered vinyl. My stuff is print.