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  1. tooler82

    Mimaki's Cut Is Off

    Thank you for that. Googled that and found out that’s the clear strip in there. I cleaned it. Will try it out.
  2. tooler82

    Mimaki's Cut Is Off

    Oh and btw, I did the offset setting. It's always dead on though. I guess because it does a little box all the way to the right and cuts it out. The problem the machine has is the further left and bigger, is where the cut is off.
  3. tooler82

    Mimaki's Cut Is Off

    I know this is a long shot since not many on here have the printer / cutter like our Mimaki CJV30-130. It's been messing up for awhile, and it's hard to get help with it, and can't find stuff online. After we bought it from Grimco, Mimaki pulled their products from Grimco, so they won't help. Mimaki sends me to another dealer, but they don't help. Anyways. The print and cut is off. I don't know what to do.
  4. tooler82

    Cover for Mimaki Printer

    When printing big areas of color, I would have spots from like dust or dirt that got on the roll. Came up with an idea.
  5. tooler82

    Design Help

    Wow. Just realized this is an old thread and was brought up because somebody was putting their site on here to sell stuff. No sure if it’s allowed or whatever. Dakota?
  6. tooler82

    Design Help

    You can always try bud. You can buy the standalone program, or you can use it on the website. So many times are free, or you can get a monthly subscription.
  7. tooler82

    Switch ink type?

    I don’t know if this is possible or even need to. I have a Mimaki CJV30-130 solvent. If we could afford it, I’d love to get a latex. Is it possible or even worth it to switch it from 4 color to 8 color? I don’t know if it’s able to just get a different ink type and put it in or what. Also, should we stay with solvent or switch to eco solvent or water based pigment or solvent UV? Or is it not worth it or can’t be done?
  8. tooler82

    SCALP 4.074 just screwed me

    That’s the problem. People don’t come back to the forum so other users can find out the solution.
  9. tooler82

    60 Degree Blade?

    Thank you. You know I didn’t even think to slow it down. That way the blade will be able to spin around. Thanks.
  10. tooler82

    60 Degree Blade?

    My Mimaki CJV30 does not do good on small letters and such. Instead of cutting, it generally rips. Figured it’s because it can’t swivle around because it’s so small so it rips since the blade hasn’t had time to spin around to cut. Will replacing it with a 60 degree blade help with this? Been researching and it seems like it, but wanted to ask my experts on here first.
  11. tooler82

    Which HTV Series?

    Yeah we have a Mimaki CJV30-130 Printer / Cutter
  12. tooler82

    Which HTV Series?

    I may see if they can just purchase from US Cutter and get the Siser everybody talks about on here.
  13. tooler82

    Which HTV Series?

    So it seems like our dealer, Grimco, only sells Briteline and Sihl HTV. Anyone familiar with these brands? Which is a good one to get? G-Flex 210 Blockout, G-Flex Turbo Print 236, G-Flex Ultimate Print Nylon 235, G-Flex Ultimate Print Soft 230 matte, G-Flex Ultimate Print Soft 232 matte, G-Flex Ultimate Print Supersoft 233, G-Flex Ultimate Print Transparent Soft 234 matte, Sihl 4583 T-Printz. I know it’s a lot, sorry but thanks.
  14. tooler82

    Transfer Tape

    Was thinking, my laminate that I use on my cold roll laminator has static too. Guess it’s just the nature of the beast on plasticy (sp) wraps.
  15. tooler82

    Transfer Tape

    Wow. I just noticed my phone sucks. I can’t even understand what I wrote it changed words so much. I don’t know why they call them smart phones. They’re dumb as hell. Btw, it changed phones to phone so, but I caught it and fixed it.