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  1. I have recently received a request to print 2 banners and a load of stickers. I am new to printing and could use a bit of direction. The Banners...(Large red banner, blue arched banner) I have a 46" Mutoh printer.. I do not have any banner material on hand. I have made many die cut banners in the past, I am thinking I am going to need to buy ungrommented material? I figure I would be running these on 4x8 ft banner sizes. Need help pricing printing and liquid laminating. The stickers... (kevin's logo) These would be smaller in size roughly 4"x2" printed on 6mil optima vinyl, die cut on plotter, and liquid laminated. Any help pricing and any heads up or guidance would be greatly appreciated! Thanks!
  2. danthedesignman

    Never meant to become a vinyl cutter...

    I was in the same boat. Purchased a lower end plotter about a year and a half ago. Now I run it, a roland gx24 (which I have outgrown) and a 48" Mutoh. I don't think I have made any "profit" I just keep buying more equipment... Keep up the good work!
  3. danthedesignman

    some pics of the new shop

    Looks good! By any chance did you build that workbench style desk? Got any specs/pics/blueprints... how do you like it? Been trying to come up with something for a good 5 months... working off folding tables.
  4. danthedesignman

    Printed vinyl pricing with mutoh falcon

    ha, okay. We all have to start somewhere...
  5. danthedesignman

    Printed vinyl pricing with mutoh falcon

    wait... what just happened?
  6. I recently upgraded to a 48" falcon.(cmyk lclm)) I am am between a hobbiest and doing this as a job... I have done some research on pricing, however I want to streamline my pricing to somewhat of a sqft pricing system. Does anyone know the cost of ink alone at a sq ft? I am printing on a few different materials, which would vary my costs in material. Or what do you charge per sq ft, and on what material? Thanks!
  7. I have all four process colors Spot colors: Green White Gold Blue It might be easiest to just measure them and throw a quick vector file together
  8. I am new to the pricing game, However I think I would be somewhere around $58 for all 3 seeing how they provided magnetic material. Would charge if I had to cut the magnetic roll (blade wear)
  9. danthedesignman

    Multi Layer Decals

    Welp... I guess its better to learn this now... I have only been miss pricing for the past 6 months!
  10. I have priced out my ribbons. Each ribbon can print a solid 8sq feet @ say $20 each color ($80 all together) How do you figure out how much ribbon you actually use? 90% of my stuff is just minimal color on white vinyl... I never make a solid filled sticker.
  11. danthedesignman

    Cheap printers that work with Flexi?

    Bogie, I am in the same boat as you. I picked up a used roland thermal printer to tide me over until I can shell out anything over 5k. I too have (2) epson 1280s... I had seen kits to convert them to dye printers... but nothing on solvent. If you find anything in your ventures please update me!
  12. txpatrol... I too am looking for the same! I have a few barcodes, but missing black! I will start scanning what I have if you want, and we can build a new set?
  13. danthedesignman

    Multi Layer Decals

    How do you get that number! Here is what i used. Quant: 1 Length:10 Height:10 gross is at 7.40 then complex left 0 exra colors: 2 Retail: 8.88?!