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  1. Here is our test shirt for a boys gymnastics meet that we are doing other shirts for. We will have a handfull of these to press up if some of the boys want them. On my laserpoint 24 with pressure at 140 and speed at 40. A little thicker and slower to cut.
  2. inkuyo

    Metallic Silver Mirror on a shirt

    I will see what I can do. I plan on having my son wear one. The press above was on an old shirt. FYI this is on the specifications: Metallic wrinkles and cracks after washing, creating a vintage look that's perfect for today's retro fashion trends.
  3. inkuyo

    My first post,be gentle.....

    Looks great, but what a weeding nightmare. How many did you make?
  4. inkuyo

    Plumbers Van

    Here is a plumbers van I did over the weekend.
  5. inkuyo

    Plumbers Van

    Yes I got my magnet. Wouldn't want to loose those. However, did not work on the hood since it is aluminum. The guy wants his car done and some signs too.
  6. I made this video a while ago, but thought I should share it with the group. It shows how I use the effect --> contour cut to make an outline of some text for some lettering. It allows for me to create a layered set of outlines to cut on my laserpoint 24 and create some RTA (ready to apply) lettering.
  7. Here is a little video I did with a time lapse of weeding a project for a shirt.
  8. inkuyo

    Easy weed time lapse video

    I will make one with a different color. Pretty cool program on android called 'lapse it'. That was my first video.
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    From the album: Glass & Vehicles

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    From the album: Clothing

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    From the album: Glass & Vehicles

  12. anyone know a wholesaler for adidas and nike hoodies? Sanmar doesn't have them.
  13. inkuyo

    Magentic Stencil

    From the album: Banners & A-Boards

    I cut this magnet out on a Laserpoint 24". I ran the pressure to max and slowed the machine down to 10. I then had to had cut a lot of it. I might have been able to run it twice, but did not want to take a chance at slipping.
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    Banners & A-Boards

    Some Banner and A-Board Samples
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    From the album: Banners & A-Boards

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    From the album: Banners & A-Boards

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    From the album: Banners & A-Boards

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    From the album: Glass & Vehicles

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    Glass & Vehicles

    Graphics on Glass and vehicles
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    From the album: Glass & Vehicles

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    From the album: Glass & Vehicles

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    From the album: Glass & Vehicles

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    From the album: Glass & Vehicles

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    From the album: Wall Art

    Chalkboard vinyl installed on the cupboards at a small cafe.

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