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  1. I have no clue why the setting changes sometimes, but I should have known better. That was an easy fix. Thanks!
  2. I hope this is an easy answer, but I have the ce5000-60 and I am using rolls of media. After hit enter when it says "load media", it just keeps unrolling my media. It does not always roll back into position so it can start cutting. It just unrolled my media 3 times. Any ideas on how to stop this from happening?
  3. jbass09

    Graphtec CE5000 vs. ZenCut Green

    LMAO @ knucklehead. I dream of one too manwayvan and that's why I am going to make that a reality today. Time to take some action instead of talking about it. Hard to drop that kind of money these days so you have to be as happy with you big investments as possible.
  4. jbass09

    One happy ZenCut customer

    Once again Dakotagrafx...I agree! Go with the one in the hand then the two in the bush. One is proven and the other is a possibility and I can't risk my business or money on something that is not as recommended.
  5. jbass09

    Graphtec CE5000 vs. ZenCut Green

    Not at all Dakotagrafx. That's the whole point of research and analysis of the information. But if a new brand of cars comes out and it's seems like a good deal but there are little reviews on it, like in this case, I would probably stay away from it. The "new" brand would be the ZenCut even though its a rebranded GCCC Jaquar, which makes it possibly a good buy. IDK
  6. Hey guys. I am still the new guy thinking about which one of the two to buy. I was sold on the Graphtec until I called sales and they informed me of the ZenCut Green (ZCG). They explained it would do a "similiar" job for a little less. I have researched a ton on the graphtec and I am happy with what I have read. The ZCG has very little community input in the forums. Thoughts? I am ready to buy today. I have some jobs coming up.
  7. jbass09

    One happy ZenCut customer

    Good to hear some feedback JamisonWorkshop on the green. I am torn between the ZCG and the Graphtec CE5000. Sales explained they are very similiar but the price on the ZCG is around $500 less. I need to do contour cutting so please let me know how it works for you. Do you have any video's to share?
  8. jbass09


    They ZenCut users must be busy using their machines because they run so well, or they have been on hold with support so long they fell asleep. These could be the reasons why no one is posting any real reviews on them.
  9. jbass09

    Anyone have the green?

    This thread may have just made me back away from the ZCG. I called and spoke with sales who recommended the ZCG over the Graphtec CE5000, explaining they are very close to the same. There is not much information in these forums about the ZCG, good or bad, and that worries me too. I just don't know if its worth saving $500+ by going with the ZCG over the Graphtec.
  10. Gratz. I am about to buy the Graphtec CE5000-24 soon...maybe today. Let you know how it goes. Good luck with yours.
  11. jbass09

    Hi from Pa.

    Welcome from Baltimore, MD. Charm City! Good luck with the cutter.
  12. What do you think about the Ricoma 16" x 20" High Pressure Heat Press Transfer Machine. A friend told me about heatpressnation.com and it has a 1 yr warranty and the price is good for the size and features.
  13. Thanks! I am watching the videos now. I was just about to order my heat press, but Sunie is sold out of the one I want! Darn! I am trying to find the Digital 16" D X 20" W Clamshell Heat Press for $499.99. See how it goes.
  14. jbass09

    Photos and JPSS

    Great images Claw. I can not wait until I can show mine off in the forum. I ordered my Epson 1100 and I am about to order my Sunie heat press today. I will post some images of what comes of it.
  15. Can you link me to Chad's video? I will definitely check it out today. Thanks!