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  1. plain ol Bill

    Here's an elk head for you

    Another payback to folks that contribute. elk head2.eps
  2. plain ol Bill

    Arizona cowboy

    Thought I would post this up as a payback to all those who have contributed to others. Cuts nice out of steel and should cut nicely out of vinyl also. Typical southwest cowboy on a Texas rigged saddle. arizona cowboy.eps
  3. plain ol Bill

    LED lights on cutter

    Ordered my lights, power transformer and a roll of red & black wire (for future use) from Amazon Thursday evening and it was in my mail box Friday afternoon - dang, wonder what took them so long to get it here. 26 bucks including WA taxes (grrr).
  4. plain ol Bill

    Happy Holidays

    Grabbed them Sue - Thanks.
  5. plain ol Bill

    Happy Holidays

    Happy Holidays share. Happy Holidays.eps
  6. plain ol Bill


    Cut this from steel w/ the plasma the other day for a customer - should cut well in vinyl too. Oops should have re-sized the .jpg graduate boom loudly.eps
  7. plain ol Bill

    LED lights on cutter

    Thanks for the help folks - another project underway now.
  8. plain ol Bill

    LED lights on cutter

    Somewhere the other day I saw a post where someone had put some LED strip lights on their cutter. Lit it up really nice. Like a dummy, as usual I failed to bookmark it. Old guys need all the light we can get to see with. Anyone point me to that post please?
  9. plain ol Bill

    New Tiitan comments

    Turned out to be the 110 - 220V switch. It was hidden well enough I likely would have never found it without help from USC tech help. Switched it back to 110V and it powered right up. Life got in the way of getting anything else done w/ it today.
  10. plain ol Bill

    New Tiitan comments

    Had a few things I needed to make up and don't really like farming work out. So got a new Titan3 w/ ARMS. Very nicely packaged and just tweaked the back once getting it into the house (where are all those kids when you need them?). Opened it up and scattered all the parts out. First impression - pretty nice stand - went together well - probably the nicest hardware I've ever seen with import stuff. Would have been nice if it came w/ casters. Even came w/ it own allen combination wrenches. The rest of the world needs to go to SAE sizes - metric sucks (yes, I'm old and don't care what the rest of the world thinks). Set the cutter on the stand, bolted it down, moved the rollers over the grit wheel and cut off the plastic tie down on the head. Plugged the power cord into the unit, plugged the cord into the wall plug and touched the on/off button. IT WON'T POWER UP! Got my electrical tester, yes the plug in is hot and have power to the unit. Of course no one is at USC today so will give them a call in the AM & see if we can get it going. Not real happy but I'm sure they will figure it out & get it going. Will keep you posted.
  11. plain ol Bill

    Catch baskets?

    I have NO doubt that darn cat will get in it! Thanks for the reply goose - will put it on.
  12. plain ol Bill

    Catch baskets?

    Putting together the stand for a new Titan3 tomorrow. Looking at pictures of other folks set ups it appears most of you don't use catch baskets. Pros and cons please folks.
  13. plain ol Bill

    57 Nomad Theme

    That 2nd. one is a 55 for sure.
  14. plain ol Bill

    Origin - explain please

    Wildgoose do you use the Summa two roller system to unroll your vinyl while cutting?
  15. plain ol Bill

    Origin - explain please

    I am still trying to figure out what a "tangential" blade is really (sounds dirty don't it ). Don't have a clue whether or not this cutter has their OPOS system (whatever that is). I purchased a cheap vinyl cutter several years ago and it ended up on the scrap pile behind my shop building a couple of days after delivery and is still out there somewhere covered up with weeds and scrap steel from the plasma cutter. Never did get that cutter to actually cut something that looked anywhere close to decent. I did buy a Tripplite USB to serial adapter.