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  1. 34Ford

    Printable chrome vinyl?

    Looking for a chrome vinyl that I can print on with my Roland Sp540i. I requested a sample of VinylEfx Smooth Silver vinyl from the Rtape website and I get 2 little 4"x6" samples of the Rainbow Bright vinyl from Nekoosa Coated Products in WI. So I didn't get what I wanted, and are you kidding me, 4"x6" samples? Dammit I have a 54" Roland vinyl printer and there is no way I can print on that little sample. I know dang well they could send a yard of that vinyl. Other suggestions?
  2. I have the solvent ink printer if that is what their asking. In my sig. Doh.
  3. Anyone tried any of this vinyl? I have used Stahls Express Print and it is a bear to remove from the carrier sheet.
  4. 34Ford

    Need a Marine Corp. Eagle Globe vector

    Oh yea. This one may work just fine. I d/led another one earlier that had a lot of the cuts overlapping. Thanks.
  5. I have a friend who wants to airbrush this eagle onto a harley and I need a vector. Any ideas?
  6. 34Ford

    Looking for these 6 shooters with wings

    Holy smokes, that is awesome. Did you have it or what did software did you use?
  7. Dont need to be this much detail. Just trying to get out of doing the vector manually.
  8. 34Ford

    Excellent Customer Service

    I really like USC, but..... I am finding myself having to buy from signwarehouse cause USC dont have it. Uh.
  9. All of the signs are black vinyl with a few double sided. And this is the banner
  10. Wow, Im not charging enough. I am doing like 16 24x18's and 33 18x12's with a horse, letters and arrows for our upcoming Mustang car show. Also a 3' x 5' banner with vinyl and a printed logo on it.
  11. 34Ford

    I need Arlon reflective

    Yea, sounds like you dont have enough pressure. I always up my pressure when I cut reflective, and slow down the feed. I finally bought the Arlon red from Wensco.
  12. 34Ford

    I need Arlon reflective

    Yea, but 75 ft. is the least they sell. Looks like Wenesco can help me.
  13. 34Ford

    Roland Versacamm

    A table I did for the wife. It originally had a picture on it but it was paper based and it molded. Printed with my SP-540i.
  14. 34Ford

    I need Arlon reflective

    Anyone buy from Product Sign Supply? http://productsignsupplies.com/ I found out Southeastern dont have a online store, nor do they accept Paypal. I am still looking for Arlon reflective.