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  1. bbreault


    ive got to say that iam in no way a historian or war vetran or politician. but this forum is kinda proving why we cant win this war. "was it ever officially declared a war"? idk. we cant even get alogn with each other in a subject like this in a forum that originally asked for a graphic. lol. if u want to see a weapon of mass destruction.....look at your own hands. anyone can murder hundreds or even thousands. it doesnt have to be of a particular race or religion. alot of recent terrorist attacks have been from people at our own front doorstep. anyone has the capability. I support our troops 100% in the fact that they are defending our freedom. but i dont think that the war is necessary anymore. our target group was not a whole nation.....but we made it that way. one group changed our outlook upon an entire ethnicity. thats not right in my opinion. an old history teacher of mine said "be educated in history, or be doomed to repeat it" i thought it was not bunch of bs when i heard it but now that im a little more mature i find it is 100% true. we as a nation keep making the same faulters time and time again. fact is....u will never get rid of the weapons of mass will never MAKE someone beleive something they dont want to because we all have the capability of being a weapon of mass destruction, unfortunately. im sorry if ive offended anyone because that wa not my intention but dont ufind it silly to get in a heated debate with fellow members and calling them names like 5yr olds...when they have most likely helped u out in the past? like said before....this is an arguement that will never be won. everyone has there opinion.....and they should. fact is that its simple things like this that inhibit our nation....or any nation for that fact to overcome the most challenging of issues.
  2. ok. so i downloaded all the console skins that were posted up and i notice when i opened it up in signcut that there were two "layers". there is the solid blocks and then there is the "outline". which one are people using? if somone has a question about what im talkin about i can post up the eps i have later. on my phone right now.
  3. bbreault

    Race Car and Skateboard

    Great work!!! I have a quick question that most likely needs a simple answer but when doing racing stripes on the BMW, How do you go about cutting around the emblem and then under the grill safely without having to worry about cutting paint or anything else?
  4. bbreault

    Just a few things I made recently

    I take absolutely no credit for making this design. I tried searching for it again just to give a link but I couldnt find it. Here ya go. 298.EPS 298.EPS
  5. bbreault

    Is is worth getting a shop??

    See. Im in this same exact situation RIGHT NOW. A friend offered me a single bay in his shop for $250 a month plus utilities because Id be splitting his rent. I need to get insurance anyway just because Im doing storefronts and stuff so I want to be covered and shop liability was only like $30 more/month. The main deciding factor for me was that I HATE doing decals outside, especially in the wind in an uncontrolled environment and I dont have the luxury of a garage at home since Im renting. I do also have a fulltime job so being there myself all the time is going to be hard. BUT I think that a garage could be VERY beneficial to someone given certain circumstances, like myself for example. Ive been able to do things outside or in a driveway but it would be SOOOO much easier in your own shop, somewhere that people can know where youre at, etc. My advise. Make a list of Pro's and Con's and be completely honest with yourself about them and try to include everything.
  6. So ive been really wanting to get into blasting because I think it looks awesome. I did a mirror for someone. I think it came out pretty good then I spent a few hours getting eps. files from the sharing thread here and managed to pick up a mug and the perfect file for it. Other than that I did some decals for a womans car who is kind obsessed over wolves and then for a guy who wanted a bald eagle and another wolf. I didnt take pics after they were applied because I forgot my camera at home so all Ive got are the decals before transfer tape was applied. Hope you guys like them. A Maltese Cross I did for a local fire dept. The Mirror I did for a friend. Yes I know the mickey is a big no no, but it was only for a friends The Wolves The two decals I made for that guy A decal I made for a local wrestler, its his logo I guess[/img] This is for a group of masons. I have written permission to reproduce these. There are soooo many masonic designs, do you think they are all copywritten? And of course the beer mug I etched. I think it came out awesome. I even got a job already from showing it around for a local business.
  7. bbreault

    Suprise for my son

    That is an amazing idea. I gotta say though that my most fav vinyl is the one of mario coming out of the pipe up from the floor. I thought that was cool. Thanks for the eps. too!!! Great job!
  8. bbreault

    Work in progress

    Ok. I had never heard of the forum that this contest is for till now. I went on and looked at the rules. I do agree that this is WAY too plain. You will be competing with full fledged designers, so just simple text isnt going to cut it. They mentioned in the rules that it should be one color and be able to be pressed onto a shirt. Im going to try to be as constructive as I can, but how many shirts do you see with something like what you have? Probably not too many. I would advise adding some flair to it. Add some actual design to it. The single color does limit you alot, BUT you can still do an endless amount of things for this. Take youre time on it. You got a while still till the deadline. Have fun with it though and try to be creative!!!
  9. bbreault

    Changing the size of a tile

    I tried doing that in Inkscape but it wont import eps. file formats. What software could I use to do this?
  10. bbreault

    Changing the size of a tile

    See, I just tried that in SignCut (The only software I have to cut on my cutter) and it doesnt even give me an option to ungroup. And I really need to be able to. Anyone, please help out. It would be greatly appreciated.
  11. bbreault

    My first layering project.

    Yeah. If you go overboard with the inset you lose the actual letters but for one design I did for myself it actually produced something really cool. So play around with it thats all I did. Hope everything ive said helps.
  12. bbreault

    My first layering project.

    lmao. you migh wanna be carefull with that. lol. iwent to Hot Import Nights in Epping Nh just two weekends ago and did the same thing and set a car alarm off....lmfao. boy was that embarrassing.
  13. bbreault

    Etching Glassware Question

    does it cut like vinyl? and can it resist sandblasting as well as vinyl? if so im def going to invest in some.
  14. bbreault

    Etching Glassware Question

    ok. ive wanted to get into champange glasses and stuff so i really need to kno how to get around these compound curves......anyone? those with experience please enlighten me!! lol
  15. bbreault

    Graphic Bubbling On Plastic

    good to know. spoke to them today. they said they decided they didn want anything on the side after all. so....there you have it. i still feel like a jerk though for it happening in the first place.