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  1. Hornnumb2

    Apply RV trailer stripes

    Well I wasn't happy trying to do it my way, so I am going to try the 3m tape. Anything special about application on it?
  2. Hornnumb2

    Application fluid

    Store bought or make your own? Thanks
  3. Hornnumb2

    Apply RV trailer stripes

    Bought application fluid or homemade?
  4. Hornnumb2

    Apply RV trailer stripes

    I am going to restripe my travel trailer and wondering since I will be doing it wet could I get away from using transfer tape? Of course you can see how white it is under the stripe compared to the sidewall so alignment is critical. Thanks for any suggestion. Michael
  5. Hornnumb2

    Loading graphtec

    I need to cut a 10 foot piece of vinyl, what is the best way to load it? I have a been pulling out about 6 foot and watching it go back in to make sure its straight. Any Tips? Thanks Michael
  6. Hornnumb2

    Oracal 751 or 951

    I need to redo some graphics on a travel trailer that sits outside all the time, which vinyl should I use? Thanks
  7. Hornnumb2

    Late model vehicles

    Looking for some late model detailed sillohettes for my office, I have 2 mustangs but would like some other makes. Thanks Michael
  8. Hornnumb2

    Font help please

    Air Millhouse is what it turned out to be. Thanks
  9. Hornnumb2

    Font help please

    help on this one
  10. Hornnumb2

    hidden outlines causing double cuts- how do i avoid it?

    Can you post the eps, so we can see what is happening. Thanks
  11. Hornnumb2

    License Plate

    I can see where that would help, but on the diamond plate it is all printed so I don't think white are gray would make any difference for this one.
  12. Hornnumb2

    License Plate

    Its sublimation, only way they come is white that I know of. Michael
  13. Hornnumb2

    License Plate

    new plate for my ride...
  14. Hornnumb2

    Help with eps file

    Try this
  15. Hornnumb2

    Help with eps file

    I tried AI cs4 and Corel 4 with no luck.