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  1. Ellen

    Chalkboard - removable

    Thank you, then I will check what the price is to send it to Norway
  2. Ellen

    Chalkboard - removable

    No one knows?
  3. See this page (a bit down the page) http://craftrobocentral.info/troubleshooting.html
  4. Ellen

    Chalkboard - removable

    Thanks for the reply Will it say that the chalkboard that is removable not are sold by companies like Avery, Oracal, RTape, Meta Mark etc etc just wallart / walldecor sites on the Internet? They'll have to get vinyl from somewhere?
  5. Ellen

    Chalkboard - removable

    Can you help me? I'm looking for chalkboard that is removable, so it can be used as Wallstickers. Have asked several companies here in Norway, but they have only with permanent adhesive. Do you know which brand has chalk board that is removable?
  6. Ellen

    Is Stretch available in SBE?

    It's on page 74 in the learning guide, or search "stretch" in Sign Blazer help file. I can't find it in the SBE..... anyone know?
  7. Ellen

    Hello from NORWAY

    Thank you for the lovely welcome. "tinaski" you have translated into Norwegian it was fun Equipment, I have a BlackCat Cougar that can cut 15 " Here you can read about it, I have ordered mine from UK but this is the US site http://www.blackcatcutters.com/proddetail.asp?prod=15Cougar Software, I have SignBlazer that I found on this forum, otherwise I have SignCut and Inkscape. But I have not learned these programs yet. I also have another program Funtime Scrapbooking, this I have used with my previous cutter, Graphtec Craft Robo 100-20. I've got a driver so that Funtime program also works with Cougar. Currently I am looking for the vinyl to match Wallstickers. I have read a lot about it here on the forum and it looks as you all are "bought and paid for" by oracal ... LOL Is it really JUST oracal 631 is good to Wallstickers? Here in Norway I have for example been recommended AVERY 500 series, it is completely wrong? And do you know about white Board and chalk / black board that is removable (non permanent glue)? I've asked a company here in Norway but they had only with permanent adhesive and it is not good for Wallstickers
  8. Ellen

    Oracle Freebies

    Is there one of you that could order this for me and then send it to me in Norway? (They can not send Free Colour Chart (book) to me from oracal.com I have asked)
  9. Ellen

    Hello from NORWAY

    Hi My name is Ellen, I am Norwegian and lives in Norway. I'm not super good to read or write English, but I'm using google translate then it becomes fairly well understood .... I hope:) I am a novice in the vinyl, I have a plotter which can cut 15 ". I use my plotter for my hobby that is cardmaking, I cut different paper and cardstock with it. But I will try to make wallstikers with it too, so I downloaded the Sign Blazer program. Hope I can ask you if I get stuck in either the program or any other issues regarding the cutting of vinyl.