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  1. A customer of mine came in with a picture of a grahic from the job site. Does anyone have the vector of the machine in the picture. Any help is greatly appreciated. The machine is a pipelayer or a sideboom.
  2. That Stereo Shop

    vectorizing this

    one more for you ninja.eps
  3. That Stereo Shop

    PLEASE need this image vector ASAP

    download this font replace the USA with this use the rest of this file to complete it usau.eps
  4. That Stereo Shop

    can anyone please vector this for me in eps.

    here's another I converted with Vector Magic from a bigger image file buddy.eps
  5. That Stereo Shop

    Has Anyone seen this Sticker/file

    I have a few friends and family members who work on the railroad they have a hard time finding this sticker and I can't seem to find it anywhere either. Let me know if you have any ideas
  6. That Stereo Shop

    cutter stoping mid way

    Usb is the worst way to connect to your pc with this plotter. I have ruined feet after feet of vinyl using usb. USB is fine if you are cutting small things. Switch to serial port and never look back.
  7. That Stereo Shop

    Some cutting problems that have started.

    usb or serial?
  8. That Stereo Shop

    US CUTTER MH 871

    You need to switch to serial port and possibly Windows xp operating system. I had the same problems, I regrounded the plotter and got a computer with xp and a serial port and now I can cut banners longer than the one you are cutting.
  9. Most likely a combination of static and the use of a usb port. Go Serial and fix the ground under the end cap where the power cable plugs in. It is connected to painted metal(not a good ground). Scrape the paint off under neath the where the wire screws to the chassis of the plotter. When you advance the vinyl it picks up a ton of static. I had the same problems. I actually connected a wire to the ground under the end cap and ran it outside the cap to the stand. I can advance the vinyl 10 feet now if I want. Get rid of the usb cable find a machine with XP and use the serial cable I have been making 8 to ten foot cuts since changing cables.
  10. That Stereo Shop

    Long Cuts

    Yeah I just ran a serial cable from my Xp machine to the plotter. In SB I set up the plotter in the cut menu. Lucky for me my serial port was on COM 1 and it started cutting. just go through every com port in the setup menu until you get communication.
  11. That Stereo Shop

    Long Cuts

    Yup got an Xp machine with serial port I have already made 2 10 foot cuts and another 96 inch cut. Believe in the "Power of Serial". So happy now.
  12. That Stereo Shop

    Long Cuts

    Nevermind my post still having issues with this piece.
  13. That Stereo Shop

    Long Cuts

    I just went through a lot of vinyl today trying to get to the bottom of this. I have an 871. I took the left end cap off and improved the ground situation under the cap. I was still having issues with my plotter stopping mid cut. The status bar of the cut tile window during cutting was freezing. I checked the usb port settings while the plotter was on and plugged into my laptop. I checked the flow control setting it did not match the setting in signblazer. I changed it to hardware and matched the baud rates and I have cut larger pieces of 60" continuously since making these changes. I'm gonna keep my fingers crossed.