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  1. absolute_customs

    Help the Newb

    Thanks everyone for the advice and suggestions. I am thinking that I will sign up for Zoo Print and start there!
  2. absolute_customs

    Help the Newb

    Hello Ladies & Gents, I have been toying with the idea of getting a wide format printer and new cutter. However I have never messed around with the printers. Can anyone help point me in the right direction? I have been looking at the VersaStudio BN-20. Any help though would be greatly appreciated.
  3. absolute_customs

    Can anyone help back save the .ESP?

    Thanks bikemike! opened right up!
  4. absolute_customs

    Can anyone help back save the .ESP?

    Customer sent me their logo in .EPS, however then I try to open it in SignBlazer nothing opens, the table stays blank. I did some reading and seems this might have been drawn in a more recent program. Would anyone be able / willing to back save it for me? Thanks! Justin Logo 2.eps
  5. absolute_customs

    Vinyl decal outsourcer!

    Hello all, I am currently over my head trying to run. 2 businesses and still work 40 hours a week. I am wondering if there is anyone interested in being my outsourcer? I will design the decals and send you the files, just need them cut and mailed to me. Would like to use Oracle 652 vinyl. Please either PM me here or email me at justinb@absolutecustomsllc.com Thanks, Justin
  6. absolute_customs

    Custom Lanyards

    Awesome, would anyone be willing to give me a quote for 50 red lanyards with black letters sublimated?
  7. absolute_customs

    Custom Lanyards

    I think id prefer to have them screen printed or something like wise. Would heat press vinyl hold well on them?
  8. absolute_customs

    Custom Lanyards

    Not sure if this is the correct place or not but I have been thinking of getting some lanyards made up. Wondering if anyone here makes them or knows a good place? My problem is most of the sites require 250+ minimum order. I am looking to get 50 or so now. Thanks, Justin
  9. absolute_customs

    In memory of paramedic

    Perfect! Thanks alot guys!
  10. absolute_customs

    In memory of paramedic

    Would anyone happen to have this in a inkscape file? A local paramedic passed away and I was asked to make a few "In Memory Of" decals.
  11. absolute_customs

    Using reflective vinyl for the first time

    Look great. Deff stands out. I did something similar to this but using Chrome with a reflective blue outline. Looked amazing at night
  12. absolute_customs

    Dogecoin Fans? Vector help?!

    Very clever, I like it!
  13. I haven't decided to take the full on dive into screen printing, but would still like to offer it to my customers. Anyone have any suggestions on who I could outsource to & still make a few bucks?
  14. absolute_customs

    Best (economical) vinyl for walls

    I always use Oracal 631 and never have heard a complaint