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  1. Anyway to use this program with a MH721? I had SignCut, but didn't want to renew my subscription. Changed to Signblazer but sick of the registration screen every time I start the program or import an image. Looking for something that will work well and hopefully FREE! Thanks.
  2. sayitanywhere

    Any & all dog breeds

    I have tried the links on this thread, and it sends me right back to the forum home page. I am looking for pug decals to raise money for a local pug rescue, and help would be great! THANKS!
  3. sayitanywhere

    SCPro Help

    Thanks for the tips... still doing the same thing?! Looking into SignBlazer, but I don't like it as much as SCP....
  4. sayitanywhere

    SC not working with my US Cutter MH365

    Did you ever get this figured out? My cutter is doing the same thing now that I tried to upgrade to SCPro...
  5. sayitanywhere

    SCPro Help

    My subscription for SignCut X2 just expired, and I was looking at upgrading to SignCut Pro. I downloaded the trial and tried to cut something. Ihave it set up through COM2, and when I select cut the cutter responds, but doesn't cut the image I gave it. The blade just runs all the way to the other side of the cutter and continues to run even when it runs into the side of the cutter. ?! I have no idea why it is doing this! I restarted both cutter and computer. The renewal price for SigncutPro is much better for me than the 1 year price for X2. I have the Refine 721. It worked just fine until my Signcut X2 expired. THANKS!
  6. sayitanywhere

    Vinyl for car (a business)

    I really have no idea where to start! I have been doing vinyl for indoor decor for the past few years, and my pest control guy is getting a new truck, and is wondering about me doing a new decal for him. It would be his pest control logo, name, number, etc. What kind of vinyl is best for cars? We live in Las Vegas, so I'm not sure which one would do best in the heat as well. Also, unsure about how much to even charge for something like this?! Any advice and tips would be much appreciated!
  7. sayitanywhere

    Downloaded new version, cutter going crazy!

    Thanks for the info... I just reinstalled my older version of signcut, and it went back to normal. I guess I will not try to update!
  8. sayitanywhere

    Downloaded new version, cutter going crazy!

    The test button works, and cuts the square and diamond... now everytime I send something to cut, the blade goes all the way to the other side of the cutter, and tries to keep going making an awful noise. I made sure my driver was updated... I shouldn't have updated my signcut version!
  9. sayitanywhere

    Downloaded new version, cutter going crazy!

    i made sure I had the right manufacturer, cutter and port. It communicates with the computer, it just goes crazy and doesn't cut what i ask it too...
  10. sayitanywhere

    Downloaded new version, cutter going crazy!

    I just downloaded the new version, and the first few attempts- nothing happened until I clicked abort, and then it made a small cut. Now the blade moves up and down all crazy. I let it run through it's craziness and then tried again, and it did it again. IT seems to communicate with the machine now, but it won't cut what I want. I was making a small 2 in x 3 in decal, but it goes across the whole 24 inch machine. Any ideas? I have been reading to reinstall driver, but I am not sure how. It's been a long time since I first installed sign cut and had a problem with it. Most of the time turning of the computer/cutter and rebooting sign cut has fixed my problems in the past, but not this time. Thanks.
  11. sayitanywhere

    Water Brush

    Anyone have this font they would like to share? THANKS!
  12. sayitanywhere


    Anyone know this font?
  13. sayitanywhere


    Just looking for monograms that I can cut, as curly and pretty as possible... any suggestions would be wonderful! Thank you!
  14. sayitanywhere

    anyone know this font?

    I think I posted too soon! I think I found it... I am pretty sure it's Burlesque. THANKS!
  15. sayitanywhere

    anyone know this font?

    The font that Rob & Big is written in?