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  1. if its not backlash can you explain why a cutter will start at one point and end at at a different point. I own 2 mh series cutters and an old roland pc60 both mh series have the same problem the pc60 work fine. This problem has been around for many years, using different software (signblazer, signgo, and many more). No one is looking at the real problem which I believe is backlash.
  2. This problem is due to backlash in the machine. Cutters with stepper motors will have the largest error.
  3. Bigmac

    GC-Extreme Graphics Show-n-Share Thread

    looks like someone doesn't have much work to do! Why don't you take your fued some where down the road
  4. Bigmac

    New Skull

    Grabed it-------Thanks
  5. Bigmac

    first design using corel

  6. Bigmac

    help with this

    Check out - Dingbats - heads Their not the same, but you mite like them better. good luck Bigmac
  7. Bigmac

    cruiser motorcycle

    Thanks Bigmac
  8. There are alot of extra line in your graphics, check it out in wire frame. Try using the one attachedgirlpeing.epsgirlpeing.eps
  9. Can you post a copy of your eps file so we can take a look at it.
  10. Bigmac

    Shapes have gaps

    I have had my mh-721 going on 5 years now, had the same problem. I have tried every thing that people have said to try and nothing had worked. I believe the problem is with the stepper motors. What you need is cutting software with an over cut option like Signgo. I have used this for the last 3 years, use an over cut of .015 inch and have no problems even cutting letters as small as .125. You can download a 30 day free trail version on all signgo programs. just do a search on the web for signgo. Hope this helps Bigmac
  11. All you have to do is insert the top rollers on the head into the top track ( their are spring loaded) push up and in on the head and the bottom rollers should go into to the bottom track. Bigmac
  12. Bigmac

    math clock

    I get my clocks at Wal-mart they run about $5.00 and I use the waterproof vinyl form papilio. Sorry I don't have any pics at present time I will post some later.
  13. Bigmac


    Thanks Bob
  14. Bigmac

    Outline of lames

    What type of files do you have, eps, jpeg, ?