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  1. Judd

    Dead Computer

    Thanks Jay for the fast reply.
  2. Judd

    Dead Computer

    Hi all, back in mid 07 I purchased SignBlazer from USCutter and the other day my designated plotter/cutter computer died, does anyone know how I can transfer the SBE from the dead computer to another computer I have? Any help would be greatly appreciated. Robin
  3. Judd

    Don't have a cutter yet but here is a car i just did

    Looks Good, That deserves an ATTABOY :yes:
  4. Judd

    Hood Mural using a 25" Pcut

    Thats looking real good, can't wait to see it finished. I do airbrushing also thats the main reason I bought my refine
  5. Judd

    A truck that I did... Updated Feb. 26

    Looks good, looking forward to seeing more :clap:
  6. Judd

    YEY!!!! My pcut works perfect!!!!

    Ya looks real good :well done:
  7. Judd

    x box 360 faceplate

    Ya, looks nice, simple but effective
  8. Judd

    First Magnetic sign

    Nice Job!
  9. Judd

    Done this on the P-Cut

    Very Nice.
  10. Judd

    Have a Happy Thanksgiving

    Back at ya Have a Happy Thanksgiving Everyone
  11. Hi, does anyone have any boston terrier vec's? Thanks
  12. Judd

    The Dark Side

    Nice job Popeye, I agree your only limitated by your imagination and there seems to be plentyful here
  13. Judd

    Local bike club

    Very nice job
  14. Judd

    Just did this one

    Another job well done, looks great.