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  1. sirquack

    Wedding Decals temporary for vehicle windows and body of car

    631 will work for your application. The adhesive is good enough to keep it on the vehicle for weeks without running at high speed down the highway. It also comes off like a champ on vehicles.
  2. Levi, you are honestly the one reason I have not already moved my business all over to signwarehouse, even with their higher prices. You have helped me personally on the phone and helped me get my MH1351 running. I will probably order my current needs here and follow up in a month or so to see whether the current promise is fulfilled, but USCutter really needs to step it up. I have stayed out of the banter between the two forums, but I am definitely seeing a trend on the service side being less than desirable, present company excluded. They are lucky to have you there Levi, because I really think without you, they would have lost most of their long time customers.
  3. Did anyone ever get their shirts? I am about to place an order and frankly if they did not follow through with their promise to the people that essentially did the job of marketing their product, I might end up taking my business elsewhere. I will wait to see a response. If no response in a week, I will order elsewhere.
  4. I guess maybe this is a stupid question, but the printer prices are not reflective of what you can actually buy them for. Each and every printer listed has an additional kit that must be purchased, which at the minimum increases the price by $195. And that is on the $199 printer. So it seems like deceptive advertising. Maybe the ink kits are required to use the device, but why am I forced to buy your sublimation kit just to buy the printer?
  5. sirquack

    Jetski Decal

    Bbreault - I will have to try the combination of the two as you mentioned. I use about three different methods in inkscape to try to get close on the images I "borrow" inspiration from. Then it is a matter of cleaning up the image from there.
  6. sirquack

    Custom Logo

    I put an initial version of it on the back of my truck. I will have to pic and post that soon. The creative juices are starting to flow a little more easily now that I broke the seal on it.
  7. sirquack

    Newbie learning here!

    The cutter will pay for itself many times over and you will want to upgrade soon. I have the MH1351 that I got from a guy who was closing out his side businesses due to a divorce. He was selling heat presses, (wish now I had picked those up) plasma cutter and the vinyl cutter. It has paid for itself quite a few times and I only do this as a hobby for friends who want things done. I have done a few commercial jobs, but again these were friends. I am looking for a used graphtec now as I want to be able to contour cut. I won't get a large a cutter though. As much as I love the ability to cut up to 48" wide, I have never taken on something that would have required it. I used to mistakenly think, the cuts had to be one piece. Either way, welcome and good to have you aboard. Ron
  8. sirquack

    Custom Logo

    Took a stock image and played with it a bit. I still have some clean up to do, but I definitely see some of the things I can do with it. I have attached the crappy original and what I came up with. Let me know what you all think. Jiu Jitsu Logo.eps Jiu Jitsu Logo.eps
  9. sirquack

    2.5x3' Banner for a snowball stand

    You did realize you spelled Custard wrong? Just kidding! What type of printer are you running? I have considered getting a printer, I just have to get my cash flow up a bit before I try to convince the better half that I have to have it to increase business. Ron
  10. sirquack

    Fun with 631 exhibition vinyl

    I wish I was even 1% as talented as some of you in modifying a stock image to create a cuttable decal. I can kind of see the image that you started with in the monitor on the left side. And to see what you came up with from that is just amazing to me. Simply in awe Ron
  11. sirquack

    Vinyl on side window

    I have some Oracal 651 on a slider and it has never been a problem. It has be on for almost a year and shows NO signs of wear at all.
  12. sirquack

    who here rides? bmw?

    I ride a Shadow Aero 750 as a transportation bike back and forth to work. Nice mileage and rides well enough. What specifically did you find wrong with the VTX? I was actually looking to upgrade to that and pass the bike down the Aero to the wife since it fits her perfectly.
  13. sirquack

    My shirt I did for Memorial Day

    Mr300, thank you for your service as well as the sacrifice of your fellow Marines in "The Nam". My father is also a veteran of the jungle. I myself was a member of the MC reserves and spent time sending fellow Marines to the desert in the first Desert Storm. I really like your design and may do up a vinyl equivalent for my truck. Again thank you. Ron
  14. sirquack

    You've never seen this before

    Nice work. I am guessing you laid down vinyl and then overlaid the final layer and just pressed the top layer down to the original substrate? The paint job is actually awesome. Looks like just plain plexi-glass with the paint job. That is a great idea.
  15. sirquack

    Store Front Sign Codes

    Do not be surprised however if when you call the city for information, they may and likely will ask for information about your "company". I have a friend who has a business, when I called to find out about requirements, they ascertained that I was not a licensed, bonded sign company and they told me that I could not do any work on my friends business. Given I am cutting my friend a break, when he contacted a locally "approved" sign contractor, the work I was going to do for less than $1000 was going to run him $14k. I am now looking into the requirements to get bonded and licensed just to appease the city government gods and will still make a ton of money and my friend will save a TON of money by me doing it.