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  1. Thanks Haumana,

    I also saw this on the net . My concern is with security issues and a possible virus. I have a desktop that I reset a few months ago to the factory specs so I'll use that unit for the reset. I'll let you know how I make out.   

  2. Hi All!!

    Do any members of our Forum use Epson printers for sublimation? I have been using an ET-2720 Ecotank printer for my sublimation work that I bought new on August 2021. I've been buying Sublimation ink from the "E" site and printing at least three times a week, projects and either nozzle checks or small size photos, just to keep it clear. I recently got the ink tank "end of life near" message. I cleaned the ink tank and replaced the ink pads. Low and behold, I now have the printer telling me that I cannot print anything and to  contact customer support. Having gone through many emails back and forth I was told to send it to an Epson Service Center. After calling them for more information they let me know that to work on it would cost me $95 +. Heck, I only paid $180 for it. Does anyone know the trick to reset the ink tank counter? Thanks.  

  3. I just checked the printer manual and it has it's own email address. So, I can still print something daily by just sending the printer a small, say, photo from anywhere. Got to love the new technology. 

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  4. I used a Ricoh SG3110dn printer for eight years for my Sublimation work. As Dakotagrafx said, you could let it sit for weeks and it would still print properly. My unit developed mechanical/internal problems and I could not get it printing again. Since I am not doing a lot of work anymore, even though I enjoyed sublimation, I started looking for a less expensive alternative unit. I bought a new, simple, Epson Ecotank  printer(shop around for the best price) that was cheaper than my Ricoh. I found Sublimation ink on the big site for a MUCH LOWER PRICE and have been printing various items for the past few weeks. I have been either printing a project or running a nozzle check every day just to keep the printhead ok. So far, so good. 

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  5. Hi all,

    Well I went ahead and bought the Epsom printer and Sublimation ink from the internet. I filled it up and after changing some of the settings I made up two name badges. So far, so good. I felt good to be at it again. How often should I print out something small and/or do a nozzle check. I know that Epsom's don't like to sit idle for too long. The ink from the internet is very inexpensive compared to the Ricoh ink so it's not a big deal to print something every day or so.  I haven't been doing much work over the past year due to my wife's illness. I wanted to get back into it to keep my mind clear and active. Thanks

  6. If my memory serves me right, wasn't there a company that sells complete epson sublimation printers with and without a ccs system for a good price? Even though my Ricoh gave me great service I'm not doing too much work due to my caregiving for my wife. I can't see spending a lot of money for a new Ricoh printer and the expensive cartridges for it.

  7. Found this while doing an online search:
    "Can I use my HP printer for sublimation?
    In order to have a chance at working the printer must be functioning properly and it must use Piezo Print Technology. This means HP, Canon printers cannot be used in the art of sublimation since they do not use Piezo print technology."
    I'm looking into the Epson ecotank printers. Just have to buy them brand new and fill with sublimation ink. Average price starts at $199.
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  8. Ricoh ink is a gel ink and is quite expensive. When the machine was working it was great. I could not use it for months and it would work perfectly. The gel ink would not clog up the print head. My unit's circuits went bad after 8 years. I'll wait a few days for a few more responses before going for it. Thanks. 

  9. Hi All. My Ricoh SG3110dn printer crapped out last year and cannot be repaired.   I have been refurbishing HP photosmart printers for over a year now. I get them cleaned out as if they were brand new with no trace of ink anywhere in the printer. These printers have a separate print head and ink tank/cartridges. I was wondering if I would be able to use this printer, with refillable cartridges, as a sublimation printer? The cost for refillable cartridges and sublimation ink would be under $50. I'm willing to give it a try so I am looking for your opinions. Thanks.

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  10. I've used the pen tool many times. When I import, download, create, etc. a new project I will draw it out on paper to see what it will look like. I then look for any uneven lines, out of round areas, and any other needed repairs. I then open the file in the node mode and make the repairs. The pen tool has saved me from wasting vinyl many times. Years back I purchased drop in "pens" that Graphtec made and sold that take the place of the blade holder. I still use them because I can pry off the top cap and add regular printer ink in them. 

  11. Well, after trying everything under the sun and going to Sawgrass for help, I am sad to say that my Ricoh printer has gone to R.I.P. I went through all the tests and checks from Sawgrass Tech Support. I even gambled on two new ink cartridges, but the error codes were still there. The printer would not even allow me to reset it to factory specs. Sawgrass Tech Support, three different techs, all said that nothing eles could be done. Just like Dakotagrafx said, my workload does not justify a new replacement unit. 




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