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  1. A few of the forum members can do it for you also!!
  2. In Signblazer it's called "Punch Through'"
  3. arty-rc

    new here!

    Welcome from SE Florida
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    Back window guide

    I vaguely recall you had to measure down from the top middle of the window and then at the sides after running a string across the window and then measure the drop to get the proper curved text measurement. Someone please help me remember!!
  5. arty-rc

    Back window guide

    A while back, someone posted how to measure the curve ion a car window. search the forum for the answer.
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    New use for IPhone cases

    Still bad. We have been shut down all week. All we can do is go to the field and BS for a few hours each morning. He will be leaving Sunday. I'm trying to teach the wife to fly also but with the field being closed, it will take a while till she learns.
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    Incomplete cuts

    Thanks everyone.
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    Incomplete cuts

    My bad!!! Thanks MZ
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    Incomplete cuts

    I'll admit it, I am an old fart. Just turned 71 yesterday, but going on 27 LOL
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    Incomplete cuts

    This might sound basic but have you checked to see if the blade carriage is in/on the track and there is no debris on the track?
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    A few things I have done lately

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    1st business sign

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    Sublimation pins

  14. When all else fails, read the instructions
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    Hey Y'all

    Welcome from SE Florida
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    When your mobile

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    Sick of winter

    Today's forecast down here is, Sunny and 83 degrees. I'm not sorry that I left that kind of weather back in 1971.
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    Help Please!! Need Font Help!!

    Don't forget to Weld!!
  19. Have you checked the mouse settings in the control panel?
  20. One trick I use is to fold the shirt in half, lengthwise and press for 2 seconds. This will give you a center line on the shirt. Fold the HTV, non sticky side, in half. Cut a small notch at the top and bottom at the crease and you'll have the center points on your HTV. Line up the HTV center points with the center line on the shirt and press.
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    Hello from South Dakota

    Welcome from SE Florida