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  1. Hey Y'all

    Welcome from SE Florida
  2. When your mobile

  3. Sick of winter

    Today's forecast down here is, Sunny and 83 degrees. I'm not sorry that I left that kind of weather back in 1971.
  4. Help Please!! Need Font Help!!

    Don't forget to Weld!!
  5. Have you checked the mouse settings in the control panel?
  6. One trick I use is to fold the shirt in half, lengthwise and press for 2 seconds. This will give you a center line on the shirt. Fold the HTV, non sticky side, in half. Cut a small notch at the top and bottom at the crease and you'll have the center points on your HTV. Line up the HTV center points with the center line on the shirt and press.
  7. Contour just a bit off?

  8. Hello from South Dakota

    Welcome from SE Florida
  9. ce6000-60

    You'll think your in heaven!!
  10. Did you download the drivers from the US Cutter site?
  11. happy happy

    Happy, Healthy, and Safe!!!
  12. New Years' Resolutions Thread

    Read the manual 3 times, jump up and twist to the right, jump up again and twist to the left. Sit down and bang your head on the table twice and read the manual 2 more times. If that doesn't do it, call it quits for the day and repeat tomorrow.
  13. New Years' Resolutions Thread

    It's too cold up there for me. I left that cold weather back in 1971. Just take the drone out of the box, install a charged battery in it and the transmitter, find an open field and start flying it. Keep it close to the ground until you get the hang of it.