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  1. arty-rc

    roller marks

    Don't worry about the roller marks. They will disappear after its applied. Do not mess with the roller pressure. You'll be looking for more trouble.
  2. US Cutter has it listed for $110.00
  3. arty-rc

    A Quick Reminder

    As the New Year starts, this might be a good time to backup your files and computers. You would be surprised how time flies and we tend to let things slide. I am guilty as charged!! I checked my computers for backups and found that it has been almost a year since I backed them up. As soon as my computers finish backing up I will be setting up automatic backups. A Happy New Year To Everyone.
  4. arty-rc

    Go-C Graphics

  5. arty-rc


    Thanksgiving is the day you can give people the bird and they thank you for it. HAPPY THANKSGIVING TO ALL.
  6. arty-rc

    Sign Blazer

    Go to the Home page of this forum and scroll down to the Signblazer topic.
  7. arty-rc

    Wyn, 67 year old newbe.

    I'm still learning new things once in awhile.
  8. arty-rc

    Wyn, 67 year old newbe.

    I started in 2010 with a MH 365, then a MH 721 and now a Graphtec ce 5000-60.
  9. arty-rc

    Wyn, 67 year old newbe.

    Welcome from an older, old timer, in SE Florida.
  10. Have you checked to see if the carriage wheels are in their track?????
  11. arty-rc

    MH Contour mod

    Working with an MH cutter will give you a very good learning experience. When I got mine I learned how to tweak it to cut smaller detailed work. I made enough to upgrade to a Graphtec cutter. I also used it for portable cutting for a few years after I got my Graphtec
  12. arty-rc

    Swing away press “binding up”

    Spray silicon lube on a rag and wipe it on the pivot rod.
  13. arty-rc

    A few more cell phone stands

    You're having too much fun with that machine!!
  14. arty-rc

    New, senior citizen so be gentle

    Welcome from another old fart down here in SE Florida