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  1. Graphtec Question

    You could always check on sites such as Craigs List. I picked up a second CE 5000-60 for $500. I checked it out and all it needed was a new cutting strip.
  2. Graphtec Question

    Signblazer Elements can do that also and it's free!!!!
  3. Before & After Of Recent Work


    I'll be on my way up to you when the next hurricane threatens us down here.
  5. Hello from Mid-Michigan

    Welcome from SE Florida.

    This was posted in our newspaper this morning from one of the local bars.

    Great news that both you and the wife are OK. Even though the worst of the storm missed my area it was real nerve-racking listening to the wind howling outside. We had a dozen or so tornado warnings so running into our safe room(large closet) kept us tense. Every June I buy gas for my generator, add stablizer, and store it in my shed.

    Well the storm ended it's fury down here and we made it through. We were lucky that the eye of the storm missed us. We had a few fruit trees go down and got our power back last night. No damage to the house or cars. I'll be spending a lot of time with my chainsaw today. Thanks to everyone.

    Thanks everyone for your replies. Thanks for the offer GO-C but we're going to ride out the storm. Take care of your wife and yourself. Maybe I'll pay you a visit when things calm down. Thanks again everyone. P.S. Wildgoose___Guilty as charged!! I just put myself in a TIME OUT.

    I'm sitting here watching the 8am forcasted path of this huge storm and hoping for the best. Leaving the area is out of the question due to the extreme fraffic, no place to go, fear of lack of gas, delays and the fear of being out on the open road during the storm. At this time, they are recommending that we all stay where are. My area is in the direct path of this storm. We deceided to put up our shutters, secure our house and hunker down. We are not in a flood zone but as of this forcast we will be facing winds of 150+mph with higher gusts. We have many forum members in Florida and in the path of this storm. To all of them I hope they stay safe. Arty
  11. Weeding suggestions

    I've used needle nosed, sharpened, tweezers for years. Best weeding tool yet!
  12. Gremlins stole my fonts

    I have to admit it. My wife did it!! LOL
  13. Gremlins stole my fonts

    Gotta love Windows 10 updates. Apparently after the latest updates to Windows 10 a lot of the fonts in Signblazer vanished. I was using the UK version of SBE for years without any problems. A lot of my files used those now missing fonts. My one backup laptop did not lose any of the fonts. What is my next course of action to get them back? Thanks.
  14. Less chance of damaging the cutting strip