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  1. arty-rc

    I think I'm cutting too deep...

    look up the posts made by MZ Skeeter for the proper way to set a blade. Works every time.
  2. In Signblazer it would be, arrange-weld-punch through. Just make sure you use two colors.
  3. You could also try a 60 degree blade for fine detail but follow Skeeter's directions for setting the blade
  4. Just a wild guess. Did you check to see that the carriage did not come out of it's track?
  5. arty-rc

    Can't open SBE file from folder

    Thanks Skeeter, that was it. It had to be at least 7 years since I installed SBE in any computer. I guess the memory does get shorter the older we get.
  6. arty-rc

    Can't open SBE file from folder

    Hi all, I'm in the process of setting up a cutting station for my son. I broke out my old MH-721 cutter and installed SBE into a Win 10, 64 bit, computer. Everything works great, but after saving it to a new folder(SBD) in my documents file, it won't open. When I double click on it a window opens up asking "How do you want to open this file?". Signblazer is not listed anywhere. What did I miss? Thanks
  7. arty-rc

    Used Plotter Problems

    I've been using Signblazer since day one. Free and easy!!
  8. arty-rc

    Vinyl work on a parade float

  9. HELP!!!! I'm CROSS EYED!!!!
  10. arty-rc

    Hey all!

    Welcome from SE Florida
  11. arty-rc

    Arty-RC - batten down the hatches and stay safe

    I agree with us dodging the bullet. Now to take down the shutters, get all the hurricane supplies and lights stowed away until the next one comes along.
  12. arty-rc

    Arty-RC - batten down the hatches and stay safe

    Thanks Scotty. I topped off the vehicles yesterday and my gas cans for my generator are full. All my battery devices and backup power supplies are charged. Tomorrow I'll charge up the lipo batteries that I use for my planes for more 12v power. I'll start putting up the shutters after the 11 o'clock update. All my canned goods are ready also. Everyone else in the path of this storm, BE SAFE!
  13. Darn those Gremlins Glad to hear it's working OK
  14. arty-rc

    Latest project

  15. arty-rc

    Friendly Reminder

    All, I just finished backing up my computers. When was the last time everyone else backed up their computer