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  1. arty-rc

    A Quick Reminder

    As the New Year starts, this might be a good time to backup your files and computers. You would be surprised how time flies and we tend to let things slide. I am guilty as charged!! I checked my computers for backups and found that it has been almost a year since I backed them up. As soon as my computers finish backing up I will be setting up automatic backups. A Happy New Year To Everyone.
  2. arty-rc

    Go-C Graphics

  3. arty-rc


    Thanksgiving is the day you can give people the bird and they thank you for it. HAPPY THANKSGIVING TO ALL.
  4. arty-rc

    Sign Blazer

    Go to the Home page of this forum and scroll down to the Signblazer topic.
  5. arty-rc

    Wyn, 67 year old newbe.

    I'm still learning new things once in awhile.
  6. arty-rc

    Wyn, 67 year old newbe.

    I started in 2010 with a MH 365, then a MH 721 and now a Graphtec ce 5000-60.
  7. arty-rc

    Wyn, 67 year old newbe.

    Welcome from an older, old timer, in SE Florida.
  8. Have you checked to see if the carriage wheels are in their track?????
  9. arty-rc

    MH Contour mod

    Working with an MH cutter will give you a very good learning experience. When I got mine I learned how to tweak it to cut smaller detailed work. I made enough to upgrade to a Graphtec cutter. I also used it for portable cutting for a few years after I got my Graphtec
  10. arty-rc

    Swing away press “binding up”

    Spray silicon lube on a rag and wipe it on the pivot rod.
  11. arty-rc

    A few more cell phone stands

    You're having too much fun with that machine!!
  12. arty-rc

    New, senior citizen so be gentle

    Welcome from another old fart down here in SE Florida
  13. arty-rc

    Corn hole laminater

    A little side note. If you're making the boards for gifts for people, do what I do for various things. I ask the person that I am making the gift for if they have a favorite saying, picture, their children's drawing, favorite scene, etc. and use that on the project. You'll have a friend for life.