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  1. I knew this forum was too quiet!! Welcome back.
  2. Welcome from SE Florida
  3. I'm not sure how VM works because I use Signlazer but see if you can select and total weld them.
  4. Very nice work. The only problem that I see, from my own experience, is it gets too addictive once you start making them. LOL
  5. On the opposite side of your questions, I once had a large HTV shirt order and was cutting the two colors of HTV on two different cutters at the same time, using Signblazer Elements. It's all in the settings.
  6. Just received this from Bill's wife after I sent her a message. Thought some would like to see this.
  7. I miss going over to Bill's and swapping ideas and tips for vinyl work and sublimation, not to mention all the BS'ing. We all lost a good friend a year ago. RIP Bill. Semper Fi
  8. Remember those who gave their lives for our country.
  9. Why don't you just apply the blue vinyl to the magnet wet? Squeegee the heck out of it, trim off the excess vinyl and then apply your top layer wet also. I have done many metal signs this way.
  10. I would if I wasn't so wiped out from working at Top Gun this week. My main position is Field Operations for the event. The vinyl work is secondary, making needed event signs and pilot graphics and "For Sale" signs,
  11. I'm at an RC airplane event this week and have been using a 230 CCA lawn tractor battery and a 300w power inverter to run my Graphtec CE500-60 and my laptop without any problems. This is not the first time I have done this. I used the same setup with my MH-361 in the past.
  12. I use a 300w inverter to run my Graphtec ce5000 and my laptop off a 230 CCA mower battery. Works great.
  13. Slipstream