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  1. arty-rc

    Looking for a bigger cutter

    You can look for a used Graphtec cutter also. I picked one up for a very good price a few years ago. You already know what a cutter can and will do.
  2. arty-rc

    Face masks

    I'm using Dollar tree hair ties, two for each ear loop. There is no way to hide both knots..
  3. arty-rc

    Face masks

    I've been playing it safe and spending a lot of my time at home. I grabbed the wife's sewing machine and started making face masks for myself and the family. Found a perfect use for my scrap pieces of HTV. Stay safe everyone!!
  4. arty-rc

    Remembering Mr 300

    I also sent Bill's wife a text this morning. As soon as this Covid-19 mess is over the wife and I will take a drive across state to take her to lunch like we did a couple of years ago.
  5. arty-rc

    Newbie to Us Cutter and PrismCut

  6. Signblazer has the tiling feature and it is free.
  7. arty-rc

    New from MI

    Welcome from SE Florida.
  8. I've been using a plastic letter opener to slice my vinyl off the cutter.
  9. arty-rc

    Brand new 721 not working?

    Make sure that the rollers are on the grid areas of the machine.
  10. arty-rc

    cutting small letters

    Change to a 60 degree blade and cut at the slowest speed possible. You will still have to fine tune your blade depth and pressure. When I started, long ago, after playing with the settings on my MH-365 I was able to get better smaller cuts. Be patient grasshopper. Also, different vinyls will cut differently.
  11. You can also give the edge of the vinyl a slight bend upward before cutting.
  12. arty-rc

    I’m in test mode

    It looks like there is a problem with the ink refill in the pen. The ink line is skipping. Try changing your refill.
  13. arty-rc

    Hello from South Ms

    Welcome from SE Florida.