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  1. arty-rc

    Ricoh sg3110dn blockage

    Well, after trying everything under the sun and going to Sawgrass for help, I am sad to say that my Ricoh printer has gone to R.I.P. I went through all the tests and checks from Sawgrass Tech Support. I even gambled on two new ink cartridges, but the error codes were still there. The printer would not even allow me to reset it to factory specs. Sawgrass Tech Support, three different techs, all said that nothing eles could be done. Just like Dakotagrafx said, my workload does not justify a new replacement unit.
  2. arty-rc

    Frosted Beer Mug

  3. arty-rc

    Ricoh sg3110dn blockage

    Right after I made my post I took the new cartridge out to inspect the inlet port. I spotted what looks like a dark gel like substance in the port. The other color ports were clear. When I get back from my running around this afternoon I'm going to try to clear it out. I'll carefully clean out what I can grab with various tools and picks and then use a syringe to try to suck out the rest and flush out whai I can. Wish me luck!!
  4. arty-rc

    Ricoh sg3110dn blockage

    Hi all!! Can anyone give me advice on how to clear a blocked printhead on my Ricoh sg3110dn sublimation printer? This is the first time since I bought it that I have had any problems with it. The yellow is printing a very pale color and the other heads are OK. The nozzle check shows just 5 faint lines of ink, out of 20 lines, at the bottom part of the printout. I tried many head cleanings and even installed a new yellow cartridge and ran more head cleanings. My workload does not warrant buying a new sublimation printer. Any help would be appreciated. Thanks.
  5. Try Signblazer Elements. It's free. Look for it in the Software section of this forum.
  6. arty-rc

    Make Image Lines Thicker?

    You can do it in Signblazer. Manipulate-Expand/Outline/Inline. The help menu will show you how to use it.
  7. How about trying a total weld???
  8. arty-rc

    Help finding a font

    Thanks everyone. After all the searching for the font my customer deceided to go with a different font and he sent it to me. Gotta love'em.
  9. arty-rc

    Help finding a font

    I've been searching for the "LEADER" font for a few hours but have had no luck. I tried find my font but I couldn't get it to scan the font from this picture. Something close would work also. Thanks
  10. arty-rc

    Lawn care project

  11. arty-rc

    Passenger Side

    I would keep the name at the rear on both sides. The same with the phone numbers.
  12. I've been using these for years. Zero damage or marks on my cutter.
  13. arty-rc

    Work not transferring to cut correctly

    Check into Tiger Direct online. They seem to have good prices and stand behind what they sell. Log into their site for weekly sales.
  14. arty-rc

    Siser Easyweed Stretch

    Yes, I did adjust my settings and time. I started using Easyweed Stretch over regular Easyweed last year for most of my HTV work. Thanks for the response.
  15. I finished off my older roll(late 2019) of Easyweed stretch and started a new roll of Easyweed Stretch that I bought a few months ago but it didn't feel quite right. I bought it from an outside site. I found that the backing was frosted, not clear. The backing was just as sticky as the clear and the htv looked and felt the same as always. Has anyone else come across this? Thanks