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  1. to sell printer or not to sell

    Are you getting enough orders to make enough money to keep up with the maintenance of the printer and still making a good income? Are you making enough money for your time? Are you getting older(yes) and wanting more time for yourself and the wife? Tough questions!!! I have been slowing down myself and picking only the jobs that won't be pushing me too hard due to the old back getting worse. All I can say is weigh all the facts and pros and cons and then just go for it and don't look back. Enjoy life!!!
  2. vectorize logo question

    Most companies in the RC business will allow you to use their logos. I have gotten permission from various companies to copy and use many various logos. All it takes is an Email to them to ask if you can use them. I print out their reply and save it in my file folders as proof that they gave me permission.
  3. !! Third Scorpio Designs !!

    Welcome from SE Florida
  4. A few of the forum members can do it for you also!!
  5. In Signblazer it's called "Punch Through'"
  6. CNC Pony Express

  7. new here!

    Welcome from SE Florida
  8. Back window guide

    I vaguely recall you had to measure down from the top middle of the window and then at the sides after running a string across the window and then measure the drop to get the proper curved text measurement. Someone please help me remember!!
  9. Back window guide

    A while back, someone posted how to measure the curve ion a car window. search the forum for the answer.
  10. New use for IPhone cases

    Still bad. We have been shut down all week. All we can do is go to the field and BS for a few hours each morning. He will be leaving Sunday. I'm trying to teach the wife to fly also but with the field being closed, it will take a while till she learns.
  11. New use for IPhone cases

    I started to use my old IPhone 4 cases for other proje cts. I picked up a disc punch and started making logo pins for club members. Just another venture.
  12. Incomplete cuts

    Thanks everyone.
  13. Incomplete cuts

    My bad!!! Thanks MZ
  14. Incomplete cuts

    I'll admit it, I am an old fart. Just turned 71 yesterday, but going on 27 LOL
  15. Incomplete cuts

    This might sound basic but have you checked to see if the blade carriage is in/on the track and there is no debris on the track?