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  1. thursdaymike

    Skull with Wings

  2. thursdaymike

    a few for everyone!

    Sbd files are signblazer. Transferred from my old computer so don't have them in eps format. Sorry!
  3. thursdaymike

    Sticker pricing. How much?

    Single color. Oracle 651 white and black
  4. How much would y'all charge for these in 6x6 100 white and 100 black?
  5. thursdaymike

    Most popular t-shirt colors

    haha, sounds like they dont speak english very well!
  6. thursdaymike

    a few for everyone!

    punisher logo and camaro ss eps. Sbd's brass knuckles and decepticons
  7. thursdaymike

    need help finding color chrome vinyl

    paperstreetplastics on ebay is good, depending on color. Chrome so far so good. Flake red is excellent. Flake pink and green fade after a few months. Just made some flake black so we will see. their regular silver flake/sequen is good. excellent cutting and application on all.
  8. thursdaymike

    pcut 630 software issue!!!

    just got a new computer and this saved me again!!!
  9. thursdaymike

    pcut 630 software issue!!!

    wow!! thanx speedogy! that was fast and as soon as i downloaded my stuff worked. I'm glad i knew what it was. Thanx so much!!!!
  10. Our house was broken into and everything was stolen. Except my pcut, i'm guessing cause it looked like an old printer. Anyways the laptop i used was stolen and all my cd's, dvd's, and disc's, including my pcut software that came with it. I have re-installed sign blazer onto another computer but it is not connecting. dont i have to install the driver for the cutter? if so where can i get it?