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  1. cohort

    Whats this font?

    The logo is hand-drawn.
  2. cohort

    Vectorize Please

    Free bike chain in svg: Free vector timing sprocket set:
  3. See if she finds this funny: I know of a cow that was raised for slaughter named Sir Loin the Luckless. I hear the meat was yummy.
  4. What you could do, since you want to contour cut around that, is select the inside text and apply an offset contour to it to serve as a cut mask - menu item Windows -> Dockers -> Contour. Then break contour group apart and change the Fill to White (so it doesn't print) and send it to the back of the page. You'll end up with something like the attached (blue background added to show what I mean).
  5. cohort

    JPSS and WF1100 question has a section for transfer papers and another for printer settings.
  6. cohort

    JPSS Solvent Printable

    No, they don't. They only make stuff for inkjet and laser printers. You'll need something from a vinyl supplier, like Stahls' "Cad-Color Solutions' or Spectra 'Color-Print'.
  7. Corel drop shadows are bitmaps, not vector objects, so they won't contour. You can instead create a duplicate object, then drag or arrow offset to the place you want it, order to back, and finally set the color. About three-quarters of the way through this video, he shows how it's done:
  8. cohort

    Having problems preparing crappy images for SignCut

    Hand trace it. It's pretty basic, shouldn't take very long.
  9. cohort

    Please help me identify these 2 fonts...

    CPP is Copperplate Gothic Condensed.
  10. cohort

    Having Trouble

    Auto trace in inkscape. gymnast.svg gymnast.eps gymnast.svg gymnast.eps
  11. cohort

    Photoshop Vectoring .EPS Files

    No, because Photoshop is a raster (bitmap) editor, it will only save the rasterized image to eps. The only way to get vector anything from Photoshop is to use 'Export paths to Illustrator', but it saves it as a .ai file.
  12. cohort

    Looking for Piston vector(s) art...

    one was posted here:,8563.msg197298.html#msg197298
  13. cohort


    If everything's converted to curves and there are no funky fills, the latest Inkscape will open .cdr files and export .eps
  14. cohort

    help finding font First on the list.
  15. cohort

    Can someone identify the Sunrise font pictured? Pretty close.