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  1. It's been awhile since I've posted here, but I'm having a problem finding a good to decent source for stone bisque tiles for a variety of projects. I'm most interested in 3 3/4" square tiles. The sources I've found via the web have all come up to be cost prohibitive, with a shipping surcharge that is trough the roof.  

    Home Depot, forget it. Lowes, I found some good blanks there, but not the 3 3/4. Still, with that said, buying in bulk is still expensive for a decent profit to ensue. 

    Online stores that deal in wedding/party favors have stone blanks for under .50 when buying in bulk, but their shipping is outrageous. 

    Alibaba is a great source, however, a slow turn around, and the loop holes you must go through in order to get to them. 

    Can anyone lead me in the right direction? 

    Any and all suggestions would be greatly appreciated.



  2. For Sale.

    MH-871 cutter/plotter, slightly used and owned for just over a year. It's in great condition and has been used very little. All original accessories are included, including 2 unused blades from original packaging. (I haven't used the machine that much)


    Knife set,

    30 each 18x24 coro blanks,

    6 each 2'x6' banners - hemmed and grommetted,

    48" 3M reflective roll,

    36" Mactac printable vinyl,

    UV overlay roll 36"

    Lots of 3M and Oracal in various colors from 24" 15" 12"

    Some cast but mainly calandered...all good and not old and brittle.

    Cutter was maintained well and covered while not in use and handled carefully during my move and subsequent storage. MBoard is good and was double grounded (to frame, and running outside to earth ground).

    Stand included

    Make good decent offer. Must sell very soon.

    PM me with offers or phone number.

    Located in Flagstaff, Ariz


  3. I have a rearely used MH-871 for sale, along with accessories and good (3M, Oracal, Mactac, ect) vinyl. It's in storage now for the past 7 weeks or so, and will need to get rid of it soon. My focus has been shifted to another area and no longer have a need for the 36".

    It's been a great machine and have no qualms about it. Will buy another if needed.

    PM me with your phone if interested.



  4. Does anyone have a an online source for volumn printed decals? A customer would like 2-300 of 3 x 5 euro style ovals with large black Arial font.

    I'd do it myself, but is beyond me until I get the contour set for large quantities. ASAP, please.

  5. I always have problems with your guys metric system. :blink:

    How do you align the registrtation marks?

    How many markers do you use 2 or 3?

    The MH machine does not have a laser pointer if I am correct.


    Hey Paco,

    I've always had problems, too, with metric. Besides a few wrenches

    I use for my Triumph motorcycle, metric is.....

    If you're responding about the MH contour cutting post, I use two reg

    marks, only one of which is set to the origin of the cutting blade.

    The MH series doesn't have a laser or optical eye. First step would to

    draw/place your image/graphic within your chosen layout.

    Second step would be creating an outline/contour around the image. Do

    this on a separate layer within Illy, as you would any other cutting image.

    Third step is to draw a square (I use .5" squares) and place the square within

    the outer left quadrant of the layout(color the square any color you wish):

    about an inch from top and inch from left. Copy/paste in front the square and

    with shift key depressed, move the other square to the opisite side of your

    layout. (You will use the second square reg mark only to check the precision

    of the blade as you 'jog' your blade to the right. (looking at the cutter from the back).

    Copy/paste in front the regmark squares on the contour layer.

    After all is set and saved to .eps Illy8, Make a print on your substrate, move to

    cutter, and align the origin of the blade to the outer top of the inside square. Set as origin.

    Jog your blade to the opposite side to assure that the blade/vinyl is aligned correctly.

    Return blade to origin and cut.

    The problem I'm having with this set-up, is the tracking of the MH and/or SignCut. I

    normally print on 12x16 in vinyl and place in cutter as a landscape, with the 16"

    follwing the width of the cutter. The first row of decals will cut nicely, however the

    second set (below the first), the tracking of the blade is off as much as 1/4".

    That isn't much tracking distance to be off so much.

    I'm new to using SignCut, so I'm not sure if the settings are set correctly.

  6. Since my last post on Signcut, MH, and Contour cutting, I've come across a dilemma that is persistent and cannot figure out how to correct the problem. This occurs with all cuts in SignCut.

    The tracking (ie: cutting) is off by as much as 3/16" even on short cuts 6" or more. For instance, I'll be cutting 3x5" ovals spaced equally distant from each other, and while the first set (row) are precise, the second row are off about 3/16" and even more.

    I'm using Illy CS3 and saving to proper files of .eps Illy8.

    This is really getting furious to deal with, not to mention the waste of product. And with a good-sized commercial order at hand, money is wasted, to boot.

    Any ideas on tracking settings?

  7. I'm soon taking my MH871 with me on a road trip. Here's a question to all of you entrepreneurs out there;

    Can the MH series be run from a DC/AC converter, with an automotive battery? I can not locate the wattage and power requirements, other than amperage.

    I know printers and computers

    can be, as I've done it in the past on several occasions.

    What I'd like to do, is to hit several of the big flea markets along the way, and even do truck lettering at

    truckstops to help finance my travel expenses.

    Any thoughts??

  8. Greetings to all.

    After a little thought and researching the topic of contour cutting with a non-optical cutter such as the MH871 I have, in which I say I love the machine for what it does and is...inexpensive, dependable, and a solid performer.

    With the thought of purchasing a new software package and the learning curve that requires the efficient use of it, I came upon Paco's and Nucleon's posts attributed to contour cutting with a laserpoint and SignCut Pro. Thanks to both Paco, and Nucleon for their mature, thoughtful posts on many different matters concerning our trade.

    After reading Nucleons post "Contour Cutting Tutorial: SignCutProd Pro and the LP24" in this forum, I began my quest to make the technique work for the setup I have, as well as many of other MH users who desire to do contour cutting along printed decals. And it works like a charm.....

    First and foremost, visit Nucleon's post in this forum; "Contour Cutting Tutorial: SignCutProd Pro and the LP24". Read it as it was very plain to me, but do understand his details that he's laid out.

    This is what I've done differently from his tut that made it all snap into place and work flawlessly, at least on smaller batch runs.

    {Access your download folder with the Ai templates within the SignCut registration templates folder. Open the letter sheet bombsight template in Illy. Using the rectangle tool, draw a square stroke precisely surrounding the bombsights and save as...


    {click on and discard the bombsights. (I would do this step only after you test the registration and have it understood) Now when you load your vinyl or paper into the cutter, use the outermost corner of the square that you drew around the discarded bombsights as your new registration and origin point. Make certain that you jog the carrier to the right side to align the paper precisely.


    (There is only the need for one registration mark to actually be utilized. You will set your origin to the outermost corner of the small box.

    Check and recheck and recheck again until you get the registration and origin precise. And use your plotter pen in the cutting blade holder while you test. It took me many attempts to undertake the process, but only a few after I thought it through with help from the above-mentioned post.


    {In this example, you do not need to draw a perimeter around the entire page, unless, of course, you'd like to add that as a weeding panel.


    I've done various sizes of multiple shapes and it is all flawless, so far. But remember, you must be precise. As for CD or Inkscape, I haven't tried. However, I really don't see that much of a difference in the designing programs.

    And one last point, as Paco and Nucleon also stated....your offset in SignCut should be set at 0 0;

    Have fun!

  9. Hello to all...

    I recently downloaded the free 'scription of SignCut Pro after being thoroughly dis-allusioned w/ SBE.

    I like the way SCP is laid out with minimal settings, however, I still have problems understanding the

    process from start, to cut. Is there a user manual for SCP that explains the commands, buttons, and settings, etal?

    The help files are incomplete and the video tuts are meaningless.

    Problems that I'm having are setting up for the cut; for instance, the tile size jumps back to 1968" in x 24" each time a do a set-up.

    According to the intro video, there should be 5 command panels, whereas I only have 4 on my copy (the Tiles panel is missing).

    I try to cut and there is an error message saying "no tiles selected"? While I thought I'd figured that one out, it keeps popping up from time to time. What causes this?

    My COMM port vanishes sometimes, and the option disappears altogether in the cutter setup window until reboot.

    Is there a way to 'lock in' your preference settings without having to check and recheck after every change in the cut file?

    I'm using XP Pro, Illy CS3, SignCut Pro Production, MH 871, Epson WF1100,

    Any help would be greatly appreciated.


  10. I've read a few posts that state a contour cutting ability with Flexistarter 8.6/10 and the Refine MH Series cutter. I've done a search on the forum and even youtube, and cannot find any description or video short explaining just how to get it done.

    For those of you with the an ability do contour cut with this set-up, could you please post a detail on how to get this done?

    Besides myself, I'm certain others would like the tut, also.



  11. A note to finalize this tread.....

    I received the replacement chip/carts yesterday, and it's up and running the way it was intended to do. The printer now behaves the way it should, without having to manually reset the system by removing the carts...waiting 5 minutes...replacing them (per Richard's instruction)...and hoping it works afterwards. It was a glitch in the system he sent to me, not an overall flaw in his product, as I was saying from the beginning.

    I've worked with CIS in other printers, namely 2 1400's, in the past and knew the in's and out's of them.

    My original post's were to only ask a question to others using the same set-up in order to receive feedback on any known quirks in the system.

    What I got was unwarranted remarks from someone who doesn't use the set-up and apparently wants to start trouble with others while not addressing the the question at hand. This is not what a users forum is about! The big picture comes into focus when you consider that the instigator actively criticizes US Cutter and this forum, advertises a competitors forum, openly, yet spends copious time here.

    Boy, talk about biting the hand that feeds you.....

    To all the others, I say thanks.

  12. Hey dakota......get a life and get yourself out of a situation that doesn't concern you, nor directed at you.....till now. Nothing I stated was false, nor do I recant my words. Everything stated was correct, including the 1 1/2 mark out of 5. This has been nothing but a pain since I had it installed. You got a problem with that???

    As far as lost revenue goes, I've been without a printer now for 3  days, and won't receive the replacement (which he sent without question and with apology, and I don't blame Richard as a person, nor do I put fault with the product....entirely) for another few days. You got a problem with that???

    As for your snippy little comments about having the "don't take orders until you have working equipment and know how to use it."

    is way, way out of line. But I wouldn't expect anything else from a fart like you. Got it???

    How much time do you spend on this site, dakota? Perhaps it's because you run your mouth on a forum instead of doing business....who knows? And I'll compare my inventory with yours anyday. And that includes money in, money out. Got it???

  13. every product has glitches one in a while (Right USC).  I bet slamming Richard on here will really help make and influence friends as so many have the products with no problems. 

    I couldn't expect more from you, dakota, since this isn't the first time you've accused me of mis-speaking on a thread. Obviously reading into my words as if it were directed to you. Sounds narcissistic, to me.

    If you re-read my post, you'll find nothing about slamming anyone, let alone the guy who I trust will, and has, offered to make amends for the faulty chip.

    For all of your sense of 'community', you're behaving as it's all about you.

  14. I purchased a new WF 1100 from Epson and sent it to Richard at Cobra Ink about a week later (unused).

    His turn-around time was good (as a matter of opinion, he just swapped it out for one already converted). Since I received it, I've had problem after problem with the delivery system. The printer doesn't want to recognize the 2nd black cart. The re-set doesn't want to work.

    Has anyone had trouble with the conversions? This is a real pain in the you know what, and as of now, I'd give the product 1 1/2 out of 5 rating.

    I'll call him in the AM, but in the meantime, I'd like to hear from any of you who have the system and any quirks that exist.

    Comments are welcome.

  15. My experience so far with Cobra has not been good! The turn-around time I cannot complain about. In all it took about 6 days up and back. However, he stated (twice) that he does not ship out on Fridays since he doesn't like the idea of the printer being housed at UPS during the weekend. Well, he shipped mine on a Friday, Labor Day weekend. Go figure.....an extra day in the UPS truck.

    Since I received it, I've had nothing but problems with the ink delivery system. The 2nd black fails to register with the printer and shows missing....therefore, no printing. The complete hassle of having to remove all carts in order to re-set the chips is a real pain. And above all, it doesn't always work as described.

    After several attempts to re-position and re-set the carts, the damned thing still doesn't want to register all carts. And being midnight, there's nothing to do, except come up with an excuse to my customer as to why his project wasn't completed on time, and to fume about lost revenue.

    He's nice enough on the phone and does answer all questions. Tomorrow, I'll ask hime to return the printer for either a fix or another set-up, pr better yet, a fresh Epson,  unconverted, of course.

  16. Sorry to report  :thumbsup: macTac makes coated agaus inkjet vinyl to be used for dye and pigment ink.

    MacTac JT 1958P is one of them.



    Yeah, Paco....

    Thanks for the clarification. I was aware of MacTac'c 1958/1858, as I've received a sheet from Amy at MacTac. I'm after a short sample roll to get into production very soon. I'm short on cash at the moment and it's pricey. Looks as if I must bite the bullet and spring for it.

  17. Yeah, hockeygirl, that's what I'm beginning to realize. I spoke to the tech rep at 3M today, and it seems that all of their product is for solvent inks only.

    Still looking.........

    I suppose I'll call Amy @ MacTac, to get a sample short of their printable vinyls. She was good at send a roll of laminate, but only included an 8"x10" of 1958. I suppose my mistake was telling her I was printing with an 1100.

    Do ya have another source for a free sample roll of printables?

  18. Is Richard at Cobra still offering 10% off of ink systems? I spoke to him this afternoon (before I found this post) and mentioned 'the forum I frequent' but did not mention US Cutter specifically.

    for $119, he will convert my Epson WF1100 to his full, loaded with ink, system. Since my 1100 is brand new, he will buy my Epson carts for $20. I know I can probably get more for the un-opened, new carts, but with 10% off, that would bring the cost down to $90...plus shipping to and from.

    While I'm on topic, does anyone need Epson 68 carts for their printer?