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  1. I've studied the forums alot since receiving the MH 871 last month. It's all set up and I wanted to cut today, however, I get an error code.....'can not open the output device. Error initializing cutter.' I am running XP Pro fully updated, Signblazer, and the serial cable to the cutter. In the Cutter Setup window, I don't see a cutter listed for Refine or MH 731/871. There is a selection for USCut UC700. Is this the correct cutter? The MH 871 plots as a test run from the cutter controls, but not from the PC. What is the proper procedure for getting the computer to recognize the cutter? Signblazer note: I'm using the cracked UK version without the nag screens. Thanks for all your help. -Chase
  2. I'll attach a file of the eps two-layer graphic I want to cut. In signblazer, I am confused on how to insert reg marks for two color cutting. The Elements version I'm using does not allow the Reg Mark option. Could anybody out there guide me through the process? The SB learning guide seems to skip this topic. Thanks Chase Triumph1.eps Triumph1.eps
  3. Thanks Sandy for your advice. I'll do just that, however, the 1351 is not listed either. I must be missing some driver software that was originally included on the SB download. Does anyone use the HotShot version with registration? I'd like to download the copy if so.
  4. Thanks speedoggy and wasatchcars, for your replies and help. Now if I can find the driver for the MH 871 I'll be up and running. Thanks again
  5. orbitgrfx

    Supplies in New Orleans

    Does anyone know of a good supplier of vinyls and tapes, squeegies, sign blanks, ect in the New Orleans area? I'm trying to get away from the shipping charges and time. It's just too many nickles added to your cost. Thanks for the imput. -Chase
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    MH User Manual

    Hello all.... I ordered my MH 871t and am awaitng the arrival on Thursday. The vinyls I have are 12" Oracal and 24" BGS in a variety of colors. The supplies I'm missing are transfer tapes, and that is going to be my next purchase. Here's a question to all of you with the MH Refine Series.......Do any of you have the passcode to unlock the downloaded User Manual? The instruction sheet for the stand assembly opened without difficulty; the user manual is encrypted. As for software, I have recieved a year subsciption to SignCut Pro, and I think SBE will arrive with the cutter, also. I own a copy of FlexiSign Pro 8.5 and would like to continue using CorelDraw X4 for my graphics. Which program is most user friendly and compatable with CDX4? For a NOOB, is there a video to explain the transfer method clearly? Any guidance would be greatly appreciated. Thanks from Chase Orbit Grfx.
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    MH User Manual

    Thanks to all of you for the warm welcome. Now to other parts of the forum for needed reading. -Chase
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    MH User Manual

    Thanks for this. I solved the problem with the User Manual.....I was using Wordperfect X4 Lightning. I'm hearing about the USC vinyl....I guess I have alot of practice vinyl, then. Chase