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  1. mfatty500

    Is it me?

    Ahh, I noticed the avatar circle, but not the heart, Thanks for love!
  2. mfatty500

    Can someone help me out

    He should have the Vector file of it then, ask him
  3. mfatty500

    need the boat out of this

    Lets see what ya got first, may just need a little clean up
  4. mfatty500

    Heatpress bit the dust

    I have a Hix that is 30+ years old, if that's any consolation for you..
  5. mfatty500


    What kind/brand of vinyl, where did you get the shirt? Temp., Pressure, don't hold back, do share all of the info you can give us to help you..
  6. mfatty500

    Need a little help

    Found it, Hudson NY thanks for looking
  7. mfatty500

    Need a little help

    The B & S are throwing me off
  8. mfatty500

    Brush Script BT with edits? Help me please!

    That is Brush Script but poorly done, whom ever did it, did not weld the font together to do it properly. What software are you using? Looks like you could type it out, remove the fill, add a contour/outline (whatever it maybe called in your software), and size accordingly.
  9. mfatty500

    How do you make faded fonts?

    or corel draw
  10. mfatty500

    Not asking for a freebie but im a noob

    If you are trying to cut, ditch the PS. You need to understand Vector vs. Raster. Break the text apart, convert to curves, convert to outlines, what ever it maybe in your software, and then grab those nodes to do some manipulating of the nodes.. It take patience and practice
  11. mfatty500

    Temperature problems

    what kind of press is it? My Geo. Knight will show the ambient temp. as soon as i turn it on.
  12. mfatty500

    Corel Draw convert...

    If it is a CDR. file. Isn't it already vector?
  13. mfatty500

    Font help

    Boy, if that ain't hard on the eyes, yikes
  14. mfatty500

    Need Help Again With A Font......

    Leave it for someone else to learn/observe
  15. mfatty500

    Sublimation colors are dull

    and make sure you using Fahrenheit vs Celcius, or vice/versa
  16. mfatty500

    NBM Show at Indianapolis

    Sounds like I didn't miss a thing, I was. however, in Indy last weekend for the race
  17. mfatty500

    Help me weed this?

    Try putting the transfer tape on before you weed, remove from backing paper and then weed and put back on the paper. Reverse weeding, if you will
  18. mfatty500

    My first two projects

    Sometimes you just have to tell the customer to zip it..
  19. mfatty500

    My first two projects

    No comma between Rushville, Nebraska, and on that black truck you are missing the dot in the "I" in Rushville
  20. mfatty500

    purchasing items and wonder why?

    So you could sell it cheap in a few months in the destash thread
  21. mfatty500

    shout out to all the helpers that stick around

    Back atchya
  22. It's just a simple download, I had to do it when upgrading to CM 3
  23. mfatty500

    Many times we talk about your vehicle graphic size

    no clean cuts for me..
  24. mfatty500

    Many times we talk about your vehicle graphic size

    I could weed that in 5- 10 minutes, TOPS!
  25. mfatty500

    My cutter has crashed and I need some decals

    Might have been both, Skarekrow was a heck of a lot more generous than I would have been/am..