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  1. mfatty500

    Fonts And How To Add??

    you may have reboot your software for them to show up
  2. Try changing the setting to roll 1
  3. mfatty500

    Stahls Cap Press

    I don't like the auto open on my Stahls 16x20, when it pops up that's were you get the ghosting from, IMO, so I took it off.
  4. mfatty500

    Need Help to find correct Font on this Boat

    got a better picture?
  5. select the text, use ctrl+m, that will "compound" {or go to arrange and select compound from there} the image and your holes will be knocked out, if you will. On another note if you typed the text out, there is no need to vectorize or trace it, it is already in vector format
  6. mfatty500

    Can anyone help please

    Is the carriage head tight on the machine?
  7. mfatty500

    Need Font Help Please

    FMF found it in 1.5 second
  8. mfatty500

    Screen Printing ?

    I have, they were good except the image that I used it on was kind of small, and I had to re-heat the transfer, because I added another type of decoration to the shirt, but I would use it again.
  9. mfatty500

    Screen Printing ?

    Here is a proper link,
  10. mfatty500

    Screen Printing ?

    I'm a Howard Custom Transfer guy, plus the fact they are only 30 minutes from me, I have the option of picking them up if need be, and great customer service if you ever need it
  11. mfatty500

    Hi from Kate in Florida

    Graphtec for me also
  12. mfatty500

    Advice regarding software and maybe hardware

    Howards Custom Transfers for me
  13. I was gonna say what Mz. Skeeter said, but she beat me to it. Can I have her Beer? Need my address?
  14. mfatty500

    CorelDraw 2019 (Mac?)

    Here's a recording of he webinar, if anyone is interested, I kinda like the snafus with the mac..he blames it on the video recording
  15. mfatty500

    Help with vectorizing or tracing?

    You could modify Lobster for fit, or just re-draw it