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  1. mfatty500

    A little help please

    The yella' contour part is a little big for my liking, but if that's what you wanted to achieve you did it! It just takes time...
  2. mfatty500

    Did I miss something?

    Sounds like you need to convert to curves or outlines, or what ever it may be called in your software, in order to edit the nodes.
  3. mfatty500

    Vertical Text

    I used it when I used windows vista & 7, or I just use Flexi 8.6 for vertical text, it has that feature built into already
  4. mfatty500

    Vertical Text

    Here's a free macro for that: only up to X5 though
  5. mfatty500

    corel 2017

    Are you breaking apart, (your contour) then ungroup, then simplifying or trim (if need be) before trying to cut?
  6. Good for you, at least you weren't giving it a way to begin with!
  7. what was your asking price to begin with?
  8. Like the title says, for a 4x8 10 mm coroplast sign with cut vinyl, both sides, one color. Simple text about 80"x40"
  9. I've cut thousand of yards of glitter and never had a problem with it. We have garments that are 10 years old( before siser started producing their's) out there that looks like the day it was made
  10. mfatty500

    Unable to cut .eps

    open fine in CDx7
  11. mfatty500

    Font Help

  12. mfatty500

    Font Help

    I realize that, I was was looking at all the charcters
  13. mfatty500

    Font Help

    The A in the uppercase looks wonky
  14. mfatty500

    Looking for red metallic vinyl

    the stuff in your photo looks like Holographic to me
  15. mfatty500

    F&M Expressions Question

    I use for my transfer needs