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  1. mfatty500

    Advice regarding software and maybe hardware

    Howards Custom Transfers for me
  2. I was gonna say what Mz. Skeeter said, but she beat me to it. Can I have her Beer? Need my address?
  3. mfatty500

    CorelDraw 2019 (Mac?)

    Here's a recording of he webinar, if anyone is interested, I kinda like the snafus with the mac..he blames it on the video recording
  4. mfatty500

    Help with vectorizing or tracing?

    You could modify Lobster for fit, or just re-draw it
  5. mfatty500

    3G opaque

    Not really sure what you're trying to do, but what about rhinestone transfer tape?
  6. mfatty500

    It's the 1st of the month..

    I just back up to my external hard drives, at least once a month sometimes twice
  7. Just a reminder to back up those files...
  8. mfatty500

    Stay safe everyone

    Pretty much the same for me, I had wedding in Morris Saturday..
  9. mfatty500

    Stay safe everyone

    Shane, I know exactly where Seneca is, I have family in Morris & Ottawa, LaSalle/Peru, small world indeed
  10. mfatty500

    Stay safe everyone

  11. mfatty500

    Stay safe everyone

    We're up to a whopping -21, with a wind chill of -51, here in the far west suburbs of Chicago
  12. Barney Fife has nothing on MZ SKETTER...
  13. mfatty500

    I need help

    And this appears to be the correct font, with a modification thrown in, but I already used something else. I thought it was in the creative market turf, but where to start looking..
  14. mfatty500

    I need help

    Exactly what I'm doing, looking for something else, I hate those types of fonts
  15. mfatty500

    I need help

    Find my font is not playing nice...don't know why Thanks