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  1. mfatty500


    Who ever she got the substrates from should have the templates. Coastal, Conde, just to name a few. And remeber that you can't use most things from Wally World or the dollar stores, they need to have the proper poly coating in order to sublimate
  2. Un-group the text and weld each individual letter that is like that, & then weld ALL of it together (the text), must be something funky going on with the font. Must be a free one.
  3. mfatty500

    not sure where to put this

    Brush Script & Cooper Black are the fonts
  4. mfatty500


  5. mfatty500

    Forever paper w/sublimation ink

    That sounds like those papers are for a White Toner Printer, such as an OKI, or Uninet printer. The Uninet printer has sublimation toner to use for purpose.
  6. mfatty500

    New Program

    Inkscape is free also
  7. mfatty500

    Font Help
  8. mfatty500

    Font Help

  9. mfatty500

    What's the best method?

    I'd say three layers max. after that you no longer get the vinyl adhesive down into the garment.
  10. mfatty500

    What font is this
  11. mfatty500

    Design software

    Corel Draw for me too
  12. mfatty500

    Launcher cannot connect to corel draw

    I use CDx7 with CM3 on my Windows10 machine with no issues, like skeeter said, maybe a W10 update wiped it out. I have had W10 do exactly that with Flexi once, eiped it out that is.
  13. mfatty500

    Heat Pressing long sleeves

    You could use a teflon pad made for sleeves and leg prints, I have also used a sock jig for sublimating socks
  14. I get a unexpected file format, can't you just export the file as a PDF, or an eps?
  15. mfatty500

    font matches

    This site works the same as dafont,