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  1. There are 2 printers in alex who would do 2 color single pieces for about 8 bucks a pop. But they call it screen printing when in fact it is DTG. If a customer comes in and machine is not running they lowball the crap out of it. DTG printers are popping up all over and really makes it hard to compete with the person doing HTV
  2. mopar691

    Big 4x8 sign..

    Use MDO. Available from pretty much anywhere, Menards in alex has it on hand. Marine Plywood twists to much and is not faced for signage..
  3. mopar691

    zomg help

    Anyone in central MN wanna make a quick 100 bucks today in little falls helping make shirts? Give me a call 320-491-9476. my help had a emergency
  4. mopar691

    blast from the past

    i still do this
  5. mopar691

    Not my Work but funny....

  6. mopar691

    Any Ideas on Mustang Graphics

    been re-badged, repainted very horribly, and I was actually concerned about it not starting to remove itself from one of my bays.
  7. mopar691

    Any Ideas on Mustang Graphics

    Nope, Just a run of the mill 2004 GT convert. Far from my Fav idea but ya know, they find crap on pinterest and there is no going back then.
  8. mopar691

    Any Ideas on Mustang Graphics

    here is one I did a few weeks ago
  9. mopar691


    dakota, does LXI do it? Flexi will do it fairly easily.
  10. mopar691

    New Logo

    Clean up all the tails that are interfering with bowls and stems of the adjoining letters. Otherwise dandy. And yes screen it using a gold chrome ink. End result with be much closer to looking like real gold rather than a heat press material.
  11. mopar691

    Is it the small things that matter?

    I only fold shirts when requested and paid to do so when there is any number to them. Otherwise stacks of 12 and then in the box. Sure, if its 10 shirts or something then yes but been lots of production this year and no way could we even begin to fold them all with out hiring someone to do just that.
  12. mopar691

    Applying Oracal 651 Vinyl Stickers On Auto

    Best bet is learn to apply dry. Much faster and no issues. This was done dry all one piece last week, Took longer to clean the sides than to apply the graphic.
  13. mopar691

    Cut vinyl under microscope!

    here it is cheaper with no shipping for prime members
  14. mopar691

    Need business cards to match Oracal 751-063

    You need to pick out a pantone color. You can not have a color that is on PVC and recreate it on paper. All you can do is get a color that matches it to the best of your eye and go with it.
  15. mopar691

    Need business cards to match Oracal 751-063

    no pantone or printed color will ever match to a oracal vinyl color. It just can not happen.
  16. mopar691

    Need business cards to match Oracal 751-063

    cmyk and rbg will never match correctly at a printer. Match your colors using a pantone color card and name the color that pantone color. Tell your printer you need a pantone match. If they can not match that find another printer. Also I suggest to going to someone like 4over for cards and such. I have had nothing but spot on color when getting specific colors from them. But basic cmyk and rbg can be all over the place as with any printer.
  17. mopar691

    Need business cards to match Oracal 751-063

    heck,. the colors can vary day to day from the same ink set. Even in offset printing. If you need a specific color, pay the price and pantone match it.
  18. mopar691

    Need business cards to match Oracal 751-063

    Welcome to printing. You can never promise how one printer will handle a color that you give them unless you specify pantone color matching. Every printer will print cmyk and rbg values different.
  19. mopar691

    Screen Printing Question

    well, i dont know if I will do any more this season but if I do I could surely make a video
  20. mopar691

    Screen Printing Question

    if you have the room and a decent setup it is a nice profit and easy job. figure a hour setup and cleanup per color, and can easily run 100 prints a hour without to much work.
  21. mopar691

    Screen Printing Question

    A water based ink is really a no go on coro. Gunna need a solvent or UV Cure.
  22. mopar691

    Screen Printing Question

    How are you drying? uv? heat tunnel? or air drying? Air drying will give off the worst fumes. heat tunnel or conventional conveyor drier if not vented will produce smell. If vented properly will give great results. Easy to vent if your not cause you will need a vacuum table also and can plumb it all in together with a little creativity and have it all vent outside so the noise from the vacuum is not a bother also. UV conveyor almost not at all. Best i have used that is not a uv cure is inktec. Also Kolorkure is a good ink set.
  23. mopar691

    Screen Printing Question

    What I have used does not smell. There is some out there that are very smelly and bad but there is others out there that are not. This is a political year here and I have done welll over 10000 signs in the last few months. Do them right in my shop and the smell is comparable to running the Mutoh if not actually lighter. Talk to a local rep from a supply house for your area and see what ink set best fits what you are looking to do and where you are looking to do it. Ask mim or her about proper emulsions, thinning and cleanup chemicals also as it is all different from running plastisol or water based inks. I think it is super easy to do and a great profiting product to offer your customer base. But do not just go buy ink and give it a whirl without talking to someone with real world experience and a vast knowledge of the products out there.
  24. mopar691

    font help

    That is a pretty nice font, I would not be sharing pirated downloads of such things that should be purchased and not stolen.