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  1. Ya, Really! I tried all that. the hard drive has a perm. error. This tech works on recovering software... and happens to work for the FBI. If it is such an easy fix, why is it that the USCutter tech don't know what he did? and offered to fix it? VERY shaddy, unprof. on USCutter's part. Really has messed my business up for the past few days. Purchasing and installing this cutter has been the worst thing I could have done for this computer....
  2. I ordered the USCutter LaserPoint 36" from USCutter.com. The software was/is a nightmare to setup. After 4 days of getting SignCut to work... After loading the drivers and software several times. SignCut tech had to send me the files again. Download wasn't working.... I finally got the cutter to starting cutting, but the image would overlap the cuts. I called tech support and they wanted to have remote access and that's when ALL the fun started! I watched as the tech clicked around changing settings..... then all of a sudden the USB drives All started failing and the computer went into shutdown mode! I asked what he had done and he stated... "OOOOHHH, I don't know".... What? You don't know??? Whatever he did at that moment has corrupted the hard drive and sent the computer into BLUE SCREEN. I am now having a FBI agent look into the hard drive to see what was done, If it was intentional or not, and can it be fixed..... DO NOT LET THE TECH SUPPORT HAVE REMOTE ACCESS TO YOU COMPUTER!
  3. I have just bought the USCutter Laserpoint36". I am running windows XP. PC is good to go, no problems. I have had no success in setting this equipment up. I downloaded SignCut and updated the software to Sign Cut X-2 and now it will not let me open the updated program because it will not recognize my License#? I don't believe that the PC has ever recognized the Cutter? This is not my first cutter. I bought this one as a back-up and to cut smaller vinyl. NO, I say NONE, of the other cutter has ever been this difficult to setup? What is going on? Can someone please help......!