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  1. Special Made

    Got it done thanks to someone on here for sending me the file.
  2. Shirt Orders

    Is there a printer I could get for Plastisol Transfers or just order them online?
  3. Special Made

    Sorry just got back in town. Thanks for letting me know about Inkscape, I will try it. Signyouup I can't open that file.
  4. Special Made

    What is the best way to trace the big ribbon foot in the black picture? I can't get it done So I made the other one with all the little feet, but my sister wants the other one more I know the guy who made the other file but he isn't willing to share... I know it's business. I'm making these out of HTV to wear for our stepmother who will be going in for a double mastectomy November 10th. Software I have is SCAL Pro 3 and paint Looks like I'm going to need more software soon.
  5. Shirt Orders

    They have the same price new. HPN has a refurbished one with the same 1 year warranty as a new one for $200 cheaper.
  6. Shirt Orders

    That's a lot to think about. Here is the one I was looking at to get.. http://www.heatpressnation.com/sawgrass-virtuoso-sg400-complete-sublimation-printer-kit.html I think I would also use it to do license plates & key chain blanks. I have a baseball team that has me do all his stuff, then I have my Son's travel ballteam I'm sure I could sale them stuff lol I think I would keep it running if nothing else making me a shirt or for a family member every week. The one I'm looking at also has a refurbished one for like $400. You gave me a lot of input to think about.
  7. Shirt Orders

    Wildgoose... you da man lol! So SeeJays are you saying save my money and don't buy a sub printer? I was thinking this way if I ever did an event I could just print out a X amount of different styles to have on had to press.
  8. Shirt Orders

    I'm thinking about getting a sublimation printer. Also next month I'm going to buy a Anajet DTG printer. Used for $3000.00 Is that a good price?
  9. What would you charge for these vehicle decals?

    I say give them a price just for the decal and then another price if you install it. I normally charge a $1 a inch. So if it's 30" it's $30 for the decal plus $25 or so to install it.
  10. Shirt Orders

    I would love to have screen printing business. A used set up around here is $3,000+ . Maybe one day I will get there. Right now it's just a hobby, not my full time job.
  11. Heatpress bit the dust

    HPN Signature Series 16" x 20" Auto-Open Drawer This is the one I'm looking into getting.. Any input?
  12. Shirt Orders

    Thanks everyone for your input. I haven't even got back with him on a price. I'm thinking it's not worth my time to even try and give this man a price. Plus I have been back over to where he was and he hasn't said another word.
  13. Shirt Orders

    I just got done with making 60 baseball uniforms. When I went to drop them off a friend of the man who ordered the uniforms came up to me and asked me about making him some shirts. I told him I would have to check the price I can get the shirts for and then I would get him a price. He then goes to tell me the one he had on he got made for $7.00. I told him you might want to go back to them cause I can't come close to that. Front & back 1 color. Even using Transfer Express I'm not sure you could come close to $7.00 a shirt. Shirt $2-$3 Transfer 1 side is like $3.14 for just the back The guy I did the uniforms for, this is his 3rd time ordering from me. This time was the biggest he has done, and now has added 20 more shirts. When I said I can't come close to $7.00 a shirt, he told me the said guy wanting the shirts prob doesn't remember what he paid or got the shirts 20 years ago lol Ever had people come up with a price they said they paid in the past? How did you handle it?
  14. Heatpress bit the dust

    I think my "free" heat press that I've had for 2 years has finally bit the dust. It's a Ricoma HP-0601MP model. Says it was made 05/2011. How long does a heatpress normally last? Like I said I got this one for FREE and it has been a good one other than the wires have came loose a time or two. What is a good press to get? I do not do this as fulltime job. I mostly press uniform shirts for baseball team. I think that is what has done my press in this time, 65 shirts double layer front and back. Thanks
  15. What are you all using for invoicing and receipts?

    I use this free website www.waveapps.com I have been using it for over a year now.