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  1. JP Auto N Design

    Can someone help me match this font (the pennetta)

    AR Blanca
  2. JP Auto N Design

    Help Wanted ! Please

    If you still need it, looks to be "0 Buzz DNA" possibly squeezed a bit
  3. JP Auto N Design

    A little font help needed

    You're welcome
  4. JP Auto N Design

    A little font help needed

    Ballerina Script
  5. JP Auto N Design

    Cutting through letters

    I have this same intermittent issue with Corel to Signcut. Still haven't figured out what causes it. The work around I use is to break everything apart in Corel then open in Signcut. The centers of certain letters (O's, D's, B's, etc.) wlll appear filled in, but it still cuts normal. You can view it in wireframe mode after breaking it apart to verify the centers are still there.
  6. JP Auto N Design

    Need Font Help

    Looks like dom casual on a slant
  7. JP Auto N Design

    Arial font

    To change the default font: - Choose pick tool - With nothing selected on the page, go to "text properties" docker and choose the font you'd like for your default from the drop-down menu - A small window named "change document defaults" will open - choose "Artistic text" (and any others you wish to change) - Click ok and your done To make a font change without changing the Arial Default: - Choose Artistic Text icon (letter "A" in the toolbar on the left) - Click the page so the flashing cursor appears - Choose your font from the drop-down at the top or the text properties docker - DO NOT click work space, just start typing and it will be the font you selected --------or------- - Type your word(s) out using the default Arial - Then double click everything you'd like to change or hold left click and drag over everything (while still having the Artistic text tool icon selected) - This will highlight your selections in blue - Go to the font drop-down again and choose the font you'd like. Then click off the text to remove the blue highlight once you are done.
  8. JP Auto N Design

    Need help with photoshop image for vinyl cutting

    For cutting, i always saved inkscape vectors as an .eps file. Just be sure to remove the original .bmp ,.jpg (or whatever file) you used for the auto-trace because the traced vector will be created right on top of it, which may be part of the problem your having.
  9. JP Auto N Design

    SMOOTH -- not eurostile

    This may be a suitable free option. Stretched with some minor editing to the top of the "M"
  10. JP Auto N Design

    Need a little help

    You're welcome
  11. JP Auto N Design

    Need a little help

    Lavanderia Regular
  12. JP Auto N Design

    "Hispanic" serif font

    Maybe this? Edit: Nevermind, just noticed your sample pic
  13. JP Auto N Design

    font help

    Looks like Bank Gothic bold and Rapier
  14. JP Auto N Design

    Help with this font

    You're welcome
  15. JP Auto N Design

    Help with this font

    2 Raceway (DNA font)