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  1. Just an update: I've been running with the new serial adapter for a while. (Maybe a month since last post) It still stops mid cut. I found that if I keep my hand on the vinyl while cutting my hair just about jumps off my arm and head but It finishes the cut. Also I accidentally placed my hand on the 2 screws closed to the key pad and got lit up pretty good and it stopped the cut immediately. Even with all this static it still cuts, thank GOD! I'm not sure how else to ground the thing, but I'm sure it's misbehavior is static related. Was wondering if anyone else grounded those top screws to something? So ultimately I just kick back and keep a hand on the vinyl while it cuts. Mind you that this is the Oracal 631. I used the outdoor 651 and had no issues so maybe the matte is more static-ky. I'm still learning this stuff : ) My second hump I'm trying to cross is why all my designs no longer come over from inkscape in eps. The used to fine but now I'm having to take them and do all sorts of craziness. Seems to happen when I have text and a shape in the drawing. Well off to plunder the archives some more! Thanks everyone! K
  2. Sirquack, Ran it tonight with no problems. Did longer designs, small designs and multiples of the same designs. Ran it faster and turned it off between cuts. I kept my hand on the vinyl nervously though. I read somewhere that it can make a difference if you use yourself to ground it. Let's just say I didn't get very much accomplished...but I did get what I need to done. : ) I have it grounded but I'm still just waiting for another problem....(bad attitude I know). I did get the serial adapter to work with it and maybe that is the difference. I'd love to expand the memory, but is that available for all machines? I have the 871...hmmmm. I'd try anything to make it more reliable (at least in my mind!) Thanks again for sharing all the information you have so far! KF
  3. Hey everyone, I missed a bunch. I walked away from the machine and vinyl for a few weeks in frustration. Tried using the serial adapter but couldnt get it to work. I had to walk away...I've found that I can be a bit short tempered when it comes to new machines not working. I know I'm learning and I have A LOT to learn ahead but this thing is like a pissy little brat. Okay, Sirquack.....you got more memory for your cutter? usb to serial with new drivers and newly downloaded SBE? Well, I'm going to try to get the serial to work tonight again and see how it goes. I will also try the faster speed as Eli suggested. Will keep everyone posted! Thanks, K
  4. Thank you for that info too. I will try it. My serial adapter came today so I will try it again. K
  5. Grounding...yep, grounded the cutter properly...and yes to the surge suppressor. I'm still nervous. Every time I get near the machine, I think it's going to die again. Tiling the design. The original had 3 parts. It stop cutting literally mid way. I divided the cut into 3 different files and it wouldn't cut the last file. It seems like it is a pretty simple design. Should I divide the design up further? I would think that would be a big pain in the rear? I might be confusing your suggestion but will do some research. Thank you for the help I appreciate all I can get! Thanks KGreen
  6. Hi All. Another noob here. Got the MH871 a few weeks ago. Went down after my second cut (Said static got it) US Cutter sent me another chip and cutter was working again. Yeah : ) Well, the newest problem is it is NOT completing cuts. I was trying to cut a 3 panel scroll piece for my wall and the cutter keeps stopping mid cut. One the first attempt it stopped midway through the second panel. Hand cut the little bit left of 2nd panel and then I went into inkscape and redrew the 3 panels ( basically cropped down to 1). I've tried 5 times to cut this panel and it stops in a different place every time. It is so frustrating. And when cutting at 24" X 24", I'm wasting a load of vinyl :'( I cut the entire 3 panels super tiny and it cut the whole thing. What could be the issue? I'll attach the file for any advice. I'm using a laptop with xp and and usb to usb connection. I have a usb to serial on order but it's not here yet. I'd really appreciate any advice, as I'm super confused and totally discouraged. Oh, using signblazer elements. PS I've enjoyed reading all the posts here, been a lurker for quite a while. Thank you again, kgreen scroll last panel lg.svg scroll last panel lg.svg
  7. I'm just seeing if there has been a new update to this. I just got my MH 871 cutter this week and got the same wavy lines. I used signblazer. Went through all the suggestions everyone else tried, including reading dozens of posts. Hope there is a solution. My sisters Cricut cuts straighter than this : )~ Hope there is a resolution to this for everyone that owns this machine.