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  1. Hi everyone ..been trying to acquire a new motherboard for my 620 ..USCUTTER never seems to have any in stock and wants to charge me 54 bucks to send it to ontario :-( sigh anyone else out there know anyone else who sells them ... would be very greatful ..as the darn thing just zings of on its own pattern making routine .. allthe best John
  2. thnx for the link ..will run A few more tests first ..then if all else fails ..new motherboard it is :-)
  3. Hi there thnx for the responses ..I have had the machine for at least 3 years I did get a usb adapter ..but that was not good :-( couldnt get it to work at all also bought an oem serial cable ..didnt seem to help still had the same problem . checked the cables on my laserpoint, not a problem cuts fine using the serial cable. haven't done a letter at a time as yet ..will give that a whirl see what it does . never had any issues with it in the past was always on the money for me I run it on a xp pro system windows not sure about the static thing never had that issue before ...?? I am feeling the motherboard maybe the reason ..I guess these things dont run forever :-) is there anywhere to get another board ..so I can replace it ? again thnx for all the help John
  4. Hi all not been on in as while as my cutting life has been quite happy Have a laserpoint 24 and creation 630 today firing up my creation 630 ..it started doing weird things starts the cut fine ..then after a moment or 2 start to wander off on its own cutting something it thinks would look great, I have to disagree with it and stop and reset then try again ..but no it really wants to go off and design some weird lines . I slapped it around a bit verbally then reset everything checked the cables etc etc usual stuff , but no it has decided it doesnt want to do what I would like it to do anymore ..could this be the end of its life not sure what other diagnostics to run does the test rectangle fine but wont acutally cut anything anymore tried it with winpc sign and signcut to no avail .any thoughts anyone cheers john