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  1. I am just getting into print and cut decals with my HP310 and Graphtec FC8600. We have some Caution decals to make for farm machinery manufacturer that are Yellow with Black lettering/design. What would most of you do - print both Black/Yellow colors on white vinyl material? Or print the Black on Yellow vinyl material? The rest of their decals will be printed on Oracal 651 white material. TIA
  2. Did you get anything figured out with this issue? We are having the exact same issue so we would love to hear if you were able to fix it perfectly.
  3. momoftwins

    Thoughts on new GreenStar wall vinyl?

    Just curious if anyone has tested out the new GreenStar wall vinyl and what their thoughts are.. We have used Oracal 631 extensively in past and would LOVE to save a couple $$. My first test - cut dandelion stickers in black, cutting seemed to be a tad bit thicker than 631 (at least I would need to up my pressure by 10 or 20). Weeding went not so great since I didn't have that pressure bumped up but otherwise not much difference. Transfer taped with Oracal HT55 transfer tape which went smooth. Applied it to a textured wall - I'd say it is slightly better to apply to a textured wall than Oracal 631. I didi this today so we will see how it stays over the next couple days. Anyone know if the GreenStar Color Chart has the new wall vinyl colors in it?
  4. Wondering if anyone knows anything about testing required by CPSIA (consumer product safety improvement act) and the similar Canada regulations. We are being asked for lead and phthalates testing to prove our Oracal 631 wall decals are approved due to these regulations. The testing is a major cost! Has it been done already? And can we use the same testing results from Oracal some how? Appreciate the help!
  5. momoftwins

    Best Chrome Vinyl for windshield

    Thanks for tips everyone!! I didn't think to check Sign Warehouse =)!
  6. momoftwins

    Best Chrome Vinyl for windshield

    My brother wants a "chrome" vinyl for his windshield. I typically use LOTS of Oracal 631 for indoor and then 651 for the outdoor stuff. He doesn't like the metallic silver of 651. I was looking at the Specialty stuff but that only has outdoor life of 2 years. Anyone have any suggestions of what I should use that is a comparable price? Most likely I will be making this "at cost" since it is family and I owe him a few favors =)! THANKS!!
  7. HI! I am trying to figure out how to make an object take the shape of the object above or below it. Say, I want florals only inside a box and everything outside the box to be deleted. I think we do Control G in Photoshop - was wondering if there is a way I can do that in SignBlazer? THANKS for your help!!!
  8. It is actually cutting through correctly - I have the force at 280. And yes, I am guessing there is some slippage somewhere as the machine cuts beautifully for all the other things. Just haven't found anything to adjust to stop things from moving/slipping. The material on the mat is not moving for sure as that is stuck down good. I tightened the pinch rollers and you can not hardly move the mat at all once the rollers are down so it's pretty tight. I will move on to Plan B and work with a different machine, I guess, if I can't figure this out.
  9. I am trying to cut all the way through the backing of vinyl using a Cricut mat. Using a MH751 and SignBlazer. I used to use the Cricut but that lately is unreliable. I am cutting basic shapes and the largest ones will not close. I have adjusted the force, speed, offset, pinch rollers - I am ALMOST there (meaning I have improved quite a bit from the first cut) but it will not fully close the largest shapes (smaller shapes are perfect). Does anyone have any other suggestions as to what I can mess with? Will a 60 degree blade change anything? What does the Baud setting do? THANKS for your help!
  10. momoftwins

    importing EPS files from Inkscape

    OK - THANKS! Got it to work finally. I was able to delete the black background so it should be make the correct cut. And clicking the other option for the import into SBD must help! THANKS again!
  11. momoftwins

    importing EPS files from Inkscape

    HI everyone. I have been using Sign Blazer for a couple months now. Still have LOTS to learn. So lots of questions... =) What's the best method of getting a .eps file from a SVG or JPEG. I have done it before - occasionally it works. Most of the time, the file is there but no image or it freezes my sign blazer up as soon as I import. EPS files that I have purchased import just fine. I read somewhere of saving EPS in a version 8, etc. Is that something I need to do in Inkscape too? There is a pop-up after I click save in Inkscape and I have no idea which options should be checked or not checked. If someone has a tutorial that they can direct me to, that would be great! Right now I am only trying to get a basic basketball into a EPS either from my SVG file or the JPEG file. Any clues as to why my sign blazer freezes up so often? It was installed from the CD that came with my cutter and doesn't have the trial mode countdown. My laptop sign blazer was downloaded from internet, has the trial mode countdown, but doesn't freeze up near like the computer hooked to my cutter. Both are running Windows 7. THANKS!!
  12. momoftwins

    can you type a X or Y coordinate?

    PERFECT! Got the project done! THANKS for your help!! Now if I could just get a serial plug-in so I could quit wasting so much vinyl. I got an USB/Serial adapter but my device manager says Com9 but there is no Com9 on the drop-down menu in the cutter set-up.
  13. momoftwins

    can you type a X or Y coordinate?

    Is there a spot where you can select an item and type in the x and y coordinates for it? I would like to be able to make a shape every 2 inches. Is there an easier way than measuring and moving and measuring again? I am using Sign Blazer with Windows 7 and have a MH721 machine.
  14. momoftwins

    Static solution for MH721?

    AAHH! That might be the key! I didn't remove any paint.
  15. momoftwins

    signblazer frezzing

    So is this something you need installed into your computer or is it a plug-in device? I bought a new PC to dedicate to the new cutter but still have some freezing issues. But the new PC has no serial! So I would like to see if that plug-in would take care of my problem. Another problem I have on the new PC, but not on my laptop, - when I click on Text Dialog to EDIT a text, the program freezes. Basically I can't edit text on the PC - I have to delete and start over.