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  1. Signs Down Under


    Why don't you just download the " No Trial Version" of SBE from the USCutter website... Works on my Windows 8. No nag screens.
  2. Signs Down Under

    Calculator & House

    Okay thanks PM sent.
  3. Signs Down Under

    Calculator & House

    Thanks d5kerry... This would probably work well too. You don't happen to have an EPS of it do you... would save me a little time with the time frame l have at the moment because of work load. Thanks for your reply and help.
  4. Signs Down Under

    Calculator & House

    Thanks smokey... Yes something along those lines, might be able to work with that. If anyone has others that would be great... need to complete the logo by the end of the weekend, it's for my daughters new business so she needs it for her website and business cards etc... And guess who's doing all her signage... Yep good old dad Cheers.
  5. Signs Down Under

    Calculator & House

    Thanks for your reply... Have found and seen all those types. Something better would be nice... it's for a new business logo and just cant find anything suitable. More so just need the calculator as a EPS Black line drawing... Thanks for looking though
  6. Signs Down Under

    Calculator & House

    Hi all... Does anyone have a EPS cartoon type house and calculator that l could combine together ? For example l want to put the calculator or just the key pad inside the house... or has anyone got it as an image already combined... Have been searching and can't find anything suitable. Cartoonie preferably if possible but not critical. If anyone could help with as many as possible so as l could have a few options. Thanks for your help in advance Cheers, Gary.
  7. All you need to do is weld it in whatever program your using !!
  8. Signs Down Under

    Help with this font please

    Thanks for the quick response Mike. Think l saw that one and skipped over it because the "TH" was different... didn't think to look at the lowercase Well done thank you. Gary.
  9. Signs Down Under

    Help with this font please

    Where it says "Black Sabbath" Thought l had this... been looking on line but can't find the exact match. If anyone has it or knows what it's called or where to get it. Thanks.
  10. Signs Down Under

    SignBlazer Ver 5.1

    I was thinking exactly the same thing but can't find the drivers in both versions, that's why l was thinking it has to be a .dll file... But which one there are so many, think you would need to know where the file hides to do it.
  11. Signs Down Under

    SignBlazer Ver 5.1

    @Jay2703... Managed to get both SB Pro and SBE onto my desktop... thanks mate. Think this is my best option and looks like it will work well for me... have a bit of an issue with SB font conflicts but should be able to sort that out. Still would be interesting to see if l could get that cutter set up from Elements into pro... But I'm happy I can now design in pro with all the extra goodies and cut in SBE all from the one machine and no hassles cutting
  12. Signs Down Under

    SignBlazer Ver 5.1

    Thanks Jay... Only problem is l cant put the pro on my laptop because it has the old style dongle (Hasp Key) that connects to a parrarel port which the laptop doesn't have, it's loaded on the desktop using XP as l said which does have the parrarel port. I did have SBE on the desktop but when l went to load the pro on it, it said it was searching for other versions of SB and wants to over ride it as if l can't have 2 versions on the same machine. Like l said it is an old version of pro l got back in 1999 and it doesn't show in programs and features like the Elements does, it sits in a folder under local disk © Now l have the pro on there l will try and load SBE and see what happens, will be doing it the other way around now. If that works well then yes what you said would be ideal... will give it a go and let you know how l went.
  13. Signs Down Under

    SignBlazer Ver 5.1

    Loaded my SB Hotshot ver. 5.1 onto a XP computer that l want to use just for cutting. I bought SB back in 1999 so it has no Creation cutters listed in the set up, and the problem l have is running my Creation CS 1200 (G) out of it, it has a Laser Point or Redeye so basically it’s the same as the USC Laser point, l can get the cutter to run using HPGL but when it finishes a cut the blade doesn’t come back up and l have to turn the cutter off and back on again to reset. Also another problem, on larger files it cuts really slow no matter how fast l set the cutter at but on a small line of text it cuts at the speed l set it at, would be OK if l had a Roland or Graphtec or any other cutter that is listed but l don’t. I actually run this same cutter from my laptop using SBE and select USCutter Laserpoint in set up and everything runs perfect with no problems what so ever... so my question is if anyone knows or could help, can l somehow get that USCutter Laserpoint into my Hotshot version so it shows up in the cutter list, l have looked in SB program files but can’t see anything obvious, so l was thinking is it a .dll file that maybe l could copy and paste from SBE to SB Hotshot so that Laserpoint shows in the cutter list... not sure ?? Was thinking it must be able to be done because USC got it into SBE right ?? If anyone has any info on this it would be very much appreciated, or if anyone from USC reads this maybe they could advise me if this is possible or not and lead me in the right direction. Thank you.
  14. Signs Down Under

    creation pcut cs1200g
  15. Signs Down Under

    Cutting Machine Not Found Error

    Ah OK... I have to have my Baude set at 38400 for my set up. Like l said don't have anything to do with Mac's etc, was just a obsivation when reading the post. Cheers.