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  1. Best way around this is to use the "simple trace" or "one color logo" preset in the live trace tool bar. Will only trace the black, acting as if the white is transparent.
  2. kyjeeper

    Free Stock Photography?? Stock Exchange. Free Stock Photography.
  3. kyjeeper

    Quicksilver Manta Ray logo

    That one Jay posted from BOTW looks extremely clean and sharp, maybe your display settings are making things looks rougher than they are?
  4. kyjeeper

    Help identifying font

    Imprint MT Shadow
  5. circles here as well, and gang as many as you feel comfortable doing together. That way you can register say 10 at a time, instead of each one individually.
  6. kyjeeper

    Vinyl sticks To Transfer Tape HELP!!

    Are you keeping the vinyl up off the surface while working from left to right? generally if it touches the surface before its meant to be and you squeegee over it, it can create wrinkles and bubbles. You also need to squeegee it very well, don't worry about being too hard on it, the tape will protect the vinyl. What surface are you trying to put it on?
  7. kyjeeper

    Vinyl sticks To Transfer Tape HELP!!

    How are you putting it on? Wet or dry? Are you squeegeeing with enough force? Cleaning the surface prior to application? Tell us a bit more about your process then we can help a bit better.
  8. kyjeeper

    frosted vinyl application

    It can be installed either way. For a cabinet door, I would put it on the inside, so that the face of the cabinet stays smooth.
  9. kyjeeper

    Anyone recognize this font?

    I usually have a good eye for fonts, but this one has me stumped. The Ks (both upper and lowercase) seem to throw off everything. Thanks!
  10. kyjeeper

    newbie and I really need help with a logo

    No, I didnt send him the vector file. I just sent a jpeg. Thats how I usually work (might change tho). I vector, I send jpeg for preview, customer approves or request changes, customer pays, I send vector. I did not send a vector file, but I worked it. Riddle, I dont chrge $5 for all jobs. It depends on complexity. $5 is for one color graphics that I can make in one trace, like a continuous shape. Complex things are priced different. Ahh, gotcha! Good deal, even if a trace from your jpeg will be easier for them to do than the original, they'll still have to work a little for it.
  11. kyjeeper

    Ohio State

    That's not Ohio State, that's Oregon State.
  12. kyjeeper

    Interlocking Ohio State

    That's because that is the Oregon State Logo.
  13. kyjeeper

    newbie and I really need help with a logo

    Joe: Sounds like a lesson learned here. I would give them a preview in a non vector format before handing over the real deal from now on. They'll get theirs at some point in life.
  14. kyjeeper

    Need help with response to customer, PLEASE

    If you still have issues, hit it with a combo of heat gun and tennis ball. This technique has gotten 631 to stick for me on some of the most textured surfaces I've seen on walls.
  15. You can do this with just about any phone and a google voice #. I've done this with my iPhone.