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  1. I have been charging per square inch, but if I do not have a small piece of vinyl, I end up having to cut it off a wide roll.  This has created scrap pieces (which I do not throw out).  It's just that my scrap pile has grown and I am looking at it as lost money.


    what does everyone else do?  


    For example.....customer wants a 6"x6" decal in bright pink.  I do not have a small piece in my basket.  I have to cut it off a 24" roll.  this leaves me with a 7" x 18" piece of scrap and who know when I will ever use it again?  


    A 6" decal will cost my customer $8, but I have a big piece left over, that hopefully I will use, but no promises.


    Just need a little advice on how to handle this, or is this just something that you have to deal with.

  2. I also would like to know more about this.

    I lost my complete computer and setup, so now I am back to having to watch the trial countdown again.

    I lost over 10K graphics, along with all my t-shirt designs and customer files.

    Had to start over from scratch.

    Still re-drawing all my graphics.....

  3. Dan, was that anywhere near Sophia?

    I used to live in Sophia and much of my family is still there.

    My grandfather helped organize the unions in the mines before he moved up here to work.

  4. Your install method was interesting.

    It doesn't matter how we all install the products.

    As long as the end result is the same.

    I have to use a step stool to do windshield installs.  I split the backer paper in half before I install so I can do one side, then the other.  I am only 5ft6in, so I'm too short to work on them without that little step ladder.

  5. I have a folder named graphics.

    In there I have about a dozen sub folders, such as animals, logos, vehicles, hunting/fishing, racing, tribal, etc.....

    Then, my graphics are numbered from there.

    That way, when someone orders from the catalog, they can tell me animal #27 and there's no problem.

    I also have a folder for t-shirt sayings, they just tell me the number of the t-shirt saying.

  6. Those look absolutely incredible.

    I went to study with a guy called The Wizard from Florida.  He works with Mike Lavallee.

    He taught me true fire and the eight layer method.

    I have only done it a few times, but it keeps getting better every time.

    YOUR work is absolutely incredible!!!!!!!!!

  7. Forget the graphic, I need the truck....LOL

    Have you tried Google Images?  They usually have some decent pics.

    I have also gotten nice pics from, of all places, ebay......

    Can also try Carmax.  They have some really good pics too......

  8. I started with one table.

    Now I have three and need a few more.

    You'll see, it starts out little and grows with each passing month.

    I am nearly to the size for a shop.

    I just applied for a printer lease, and if it goes through, I have no where to put it......ha ha

    I need a carpenter to expand my house......LMAO

  9. Working out of the home. 

    Moved my shop into my daughters abandoned bedroom.

    Have three tables, two 24in cutters, one heat press, one desk, multitudes of vinyl rolls (I need a wall rack), t-shirt inventory, coroplast inventory, two dogs and one cat.  I have an old rolling office chair that has just about rolled it's last time across the floor....ha ha

    Planning on taking bi-fold doors off closet, moving desk in there, for more room.

    Also, need space for a light table.  I have been contemplating taking a drafting table, cutting it out, and installing Lexan on it, with a lamp below it.

    That way I can tilt it if I like.

  10. When you apply the transfer tape, are you running across it with a squeegee?

    I know this is probably a stupid question, but a very important part of the app tape process.

    I use R-tape without fail, I don't know what they sent to you in their kit.

    Not a stupid question at all! Actually i never knew that you had to do that. I was under the impression that you just laid the vinyl onto the transfer tape and that was that. Simply just apply pressure with the squeegee or is there a liquid application that you must put on the transfer paper first and run a squeegee over it before the vinyl is laid down?

    Thanks for the helpful tips guys! Can you get R-tape on this site?

    Smooth it down just like you would if you were applying it somewhere.  That seals the tape to the vinyl.  Then, when you are installing, turnt the decal over and remove the backing paper from the vinyl, instead of removing the vinyl from the backing paper.  I know this sounds silly, but it is pretty important. 

    You tape should stick to the vinyl after using this method.  You don't need app fluid or anything like that.  That is for taking the app tape off after you apply the decal.  Use something like that and your tape won't stick at all....LOL

    If you aren't sure of a procedure or method, just post here.  We'll all help.

  11. I absolutely HATE losing our men, women, boys and girls over there.

    My daughter is 18 and I would be a broken woman to lose her.

    My heartfelt condolences out to the that family and anyone else who has lost someone they love (or even just liked) due to this war.

  12. What can I say?

    People have already purchased this software when they purchased their vinyl cutter.

    If I was trying to make anything out of it I would have it on eBay and all over Google for sale.

    I only offer it here. Period.

    I thought it would be one damn sorry thing not to share with others that have no chance EVER in getting support from SBE.

    I did this to help everyone that purchased a UScutter machine. I filter to check to make sure that at the very least each donation comes from a member of the forum.

    You are the exact same type of personal that MADE me have to start charging from the get go and host the files on my server, the type of person that will complain till they remove the file from this forum or from rapidshare etc.

    Truly Sad. Someone will always turn a positive into a negative given the right opportunity I guess.

    You need to relax.


    B)    Eric