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    help please need a vector

    Don't have any of those programs.... Don't have a clue about Photoshop, tried it a couple of times and got completely lost, so I gave up. I have Corel, but I haven't had time to sit down and work it out. Your vectors are awesome!!!
  2. MacGrafix

    Green Noob Here!! Laserpoint 48"??

    A.) Can I wrap cars/motorcycles with this machine?You would be able to wrap a motorcycle, but probably not a car. You would have quite a few seams with a car. You really need a 60" machine for that and they can run as much as $40K. B.) What size vinyl can fit into this machine? And, what kind of vinyl should I start with? You can use anything up to 48" in the machine. Be advised that the cutter is a cutter only. C.) Should I get a weeding and applying kit or just buy the stuff I need separate? And, what stuff is REALLY necessary. This is a matter of choice actually. I bought everything separate. You may or may not use some of the stuff in the kit. I use 4inch squeegees, x-acto knives, a rotary cutter, homemade app fluid, papertowels, and dental picks from harbor freight for weeding. D.) Can this machine print directly on the vinyl? If so where do I get the ink? This machine is a cutter only. There is no ink. The LP is for contour cutting AFTER YOU HAVE PRINTED ON SPECIAL VINYL WITH A SPECIAL PRINTER. I was confused when I bought my 24" LP. I do stencils for airbrushing on motorcycles and ATV's (and some race cars). I have used the 24inch without a problem. E.) Is it worth it? Is this machine a good machine? Will it do everything I want it to and more? I have an LP24, but I wish I had purchased a p-cut or roland. I hope to upgrade soon. The LP is a good starter machine though. If I can help in any other way, pm me and we'll talk on the phone if you need. Bridget
  3. MacGrafix

    help please need a vector

    Mark, what are you doing to get the vectorization to keep the colors. What program do you use? I can't keep the colors in Inkscape, they come out bad.
  4. MacGrafix

    "Teach Em To Fish" Manual Tracing - Lesson 1

    So when is the next lesson? :thumbsup: ;D
  5. MacGrafix

    Talk about small.........

    I have CleanCut Blades. They never (almost) wear out, cut clean and are probably the best investement I have made.!!!!
  6. MacGrafix

    Ripping Vinyl

    I am faithful to my friends and have their back. Speed is very knowledgable and helps many people with problems. Don't believe me, look through the post history. As for my "2cents", I still live in America and have the right to speak my mind. I wasn't trying to be snotty or anything, I just wanted to give you some advice regarding this forum. You have an opportunity to have a whole team of people at your back helping you get off the ground, yet you act this way, just because you didn't get the answer you wanted. Now, to get snotty, with your attitude, you won't make it in this business. This business is a people business and you are undoubtedly not a people person. Best of luck to you at another forum. Thanks Dakota for having my back, like a good friend does!!!!
  7. MacGrafix

    Ripping Vinyl

    .... Just a word of advice. Don't bite the hands that feed you. To get snotty with people on here, no one will help you. Everyone here is friendly with the each and have been talking for years. Speed was trying to help with some GENERAL troubleshooting. Since you did not signify what you were using, she gave you GENERAL advice. Just some advice
  8. MacGrafix

    Can I.....

    Yes, that would probably be the easiest, rather than weeding out the words and inserting the text. I have layered three colors and it still looked great. I am going to try a four layer this weekend, but I'm not to sure about it. I think it's going to be too heavy.
  9. MacGrafix

    Looking at purchasing a vinyl cutter

    Stay away from the laserpoint, if possible. If I could go back, I would have bought a p-cut instead. My LP works, but I wish I had done more research.
  10. MacGrafix

    Distressed font

    Can you post that font on here? That would look wicked cool on a race car and that is my main clientele for the spring!!!!
  11. MacGrafix

    HELP with laserpoint 24 cutter

    You might also want to talk to Levi. He set my computer up so that my cutting program didn't send the output out so fast and overload the board on my LP24. I haven't had a problem since he did that.
  12. MacGrafix

    SignBlazer Elementsd & Windows 7 64

    If it goes into "not responding" when you are tryng to cut, disconnect your usb from you computer (or the cutter) and it snaps it back to attention. I have had to do it a few times, doesn't hurt anything, just makes SBE stand up and pay attention again.
  13. So, how do I send the donation to get the file? Also, this isn't the UK version is it? I tried that and it completely screwed me up and I had to completely uninstall SB and start all over.
  14. I never had a countdown until I downloaded it to my Windows 7. Now I can't get rid of the thing. I'm not worried about having the full version, I'm just fine with the trial one. I just hate my customer seeing the countdown, makes me look cheap. Anyone know how to get rid of this thing? I am up to like 45 seconds and it's still going up, it adds a second for each time you open it.
  15. You can also try a cleancut blade. They are GREAT!!!
  16. MacGrafix

    Printing on coated vinyl?

    Office Depot has some sticker paper that you can print little stickers on. It's an Avery product, I believe.
  17. MacGrafix

    Full version Signblazer Download (all cutters)

    Speed, where can someone get that version? I would love to have it, because I am now up to a waiting period of 45 seconds with the trial version and it just keeps going higher. Also, I would like to use a lot of the features in the manual that are not in this version. I got this version off the support page from USC for my LP24.