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    St Patricks Day Shirt

    Outbreak, that is so cute. My husband would love one of those. He is Irish, hell our name is McMunn. LOL
  2. Well Netherx, if you are not comfortable with it, that's okay. I'm sure he charged the $1.00 for the time it probably took to write it, distribute it (lots of people wanted it). I don't blame him. He should get something for the time and effort. This thing is flawless, legal, and a big help to all of us who use SBE. You have to understand, none of this was done before Jerry died. No one is looking to rip anyone off or do anything illegal.
  3. It's a keygen for a program that you can no longer register due to the owner/writer passing away. Colorchrome doesn't exist anymore. If they ever come back out (family deal) and release a new SBE, I will gladly pay for my registration. As it stands, it is a fully functioning trial version that adds a second of waiting time everytime you open it, kind of a nag. This makes a bad impression on customers, so the keygen stops it. That's all the keygen does, stops the nagging screens. There is only supply on this forum for SBE, since there is no one in Australia to provide support. Company is closed.
  4. MacGrafix

    Thank you

  5. When you apply the transfer tape, are you running across it with a squeegee? I know this is probably a stupid question, but a very important part of the app tape process. I use R-tape without fail, I don't know what they sent to you in their kit.
  6. I just got the KeyGen and it worked like a dream. Not only did it take out the countdown, it stopped the nag screens and everything. I click on the icon and "bing", it's there. DBTOUTFIT IS A GENIUS!!!!!!
  7. MacGrafix

    decal not sticking on the wall!!!????

    TZ, that is a great idea. Never thought of that....
  8. MacGrafix

    Fun Window Decal

    what about 60deg blades?
  9. MacGrafix

    Silverado RST Stripes

    As far as I am concerned, it is our job to complete the design to the customer's specs. If we want to take our time and create one that we believe would be better suited to them, then that's a personal choice. Usually the customer has an idea in their head and they want it to look like that, no matter how discombobulated it is. I give them what they want and maybe a few other ideas and it is ultimately their choice.
  10. MacGrafix

    Silverado RST Stripes

    The only judgement on work is that of the customer. It doesn't matter what anyone likes or how it looks, the final is from the customer. If customer wants it, they get it....period. Not for any of us to sway them over to our opinion. It's for them to decide. Geat work Guest, as long as the customer likes it, that is the final evaluation. Personally, I think it looks different, and I have always been one for going against the grain.
  11. MacGrafix

    decal not sticking on the wall!!!????

    Also, any type of solvent base in the paint would come to the surface during curing. She really needed to wash the area down. Had this happen once. After that, i would wash the area down with a mild detergent, rinse TWICE, dry, then apply. Worked fine. It's disheartening when you can't be there with the customer to fix the problem. That's what scares me about starting a store on Ebay. I can't be there to help the customer if something goes wrong.
  12. Really, just about any kind of vinyl. I wouldn't use translucent, as the paint color will distort the vinyl color. I have used Oracal and Shinerite. I have used glossy and matte. I have used permanent and removable, prefer the permanent. You do want to use a good quality vinyl though, so you don't have transparency.
  13. MacGrafix

    Back Again

    Hi everyone, I came back for a while. Most of you might remember me as Round 2 Racing, but my vinyl business is MacGrafix Vinyl. Glad to see all of you again and look forward to meeting the newbies!!! Bridget
  14. MacGrafix

    Some License Plate Examples

    On a license plate, you can always cover with clear laminate also. Just seal really good around the lines. I gotta try this.
  15. MacGrafix

    Some License Plate Examples

    I have always wondered about contacpaper. I'm so glad you posted this. I have several people who want items in patterns and now I know I can use it. WHOO HOO!!!!!
  16. MacGrafix

    Looking for a contract

    Here is a link to a basic sales contract that you can modify to your needs.
  17. Are they wavy or perforated. My LP was doing that, but it was actually still attached a little bit. I oiled my blade holder and decreased the amount of blade showing and increased my pressure just a smidge. Seems to have worked so far.
  18. MacGrafix

    week long project

    that is a very sweet and loving picture of the dog. Great job, i'm sure it'll bring them great joy.
  19. MacGrafix

    Looking for Wall Words & Wall Art

    search for silhouettes on google images. there are some great ones.
  20. MacGrafix

    Cheap Light Table

    I am from TN and I believe in the redneck ways. Sometimes they turn out better. I LOVE the aquarium idea. That is too cool.!!!
  21. MacGrafix

    Hello there..

    Banner Storefronts, if you don't have a steady client base, will suck you dry. I work out of my house, advertise like crazy, and keep my head above water and have fun while doing it.....
  22. Jay, that is really great!!!! Wow, to be 16 and have someone do that for me........what an honor!!!!!
  23. That sounds so cool. I did my daughters sweet 16 with glow in the dark paint in the garage and black lights. It was really great. The only problem is that we got hit with a blizzard the afternoon of the party and no one could get to our house. We ended up having somethin in the summer. But.....the glow in the dark effect was incredible.
  24. MacGrafix

    Distressed font

    :thumbsup: Thanks Biz!!!