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  1. youdude

    can anyone make this?

    that doesn't work in signcut....doesn't show anything and says all tiles are deactivated
  2. youdude

    can anyone make this?

    Can anyone recreate this or get a good scan? any help appreciated!! Thanks, Greg
  3. youdude

    Coondog treeing a coon

    need one similar to this
  4. youdude

    Coondog treeing a coon

    coondog treeing. please help i will take every version out there
  5. I need any and all Sting Ray files if anyone has any. It will be for a girls 7-9 y.o. softball team - something fun Thanks
  6. youdude

    need red devils mascot

    sorry....i was asking nona my high school mascot was the red devils
  7. youdude

    need red devils mascot

    what school is that??
  8. youdude

    New Job Preview

  9. youdude

    Does anyone have this or can get a good scan??

    i made one thanks....moderator can delete
  10. hey mortal can you help me out...? or does anyone already have this ready to cut?
  11. youdude

    t-shirt pricing

    I stay pretty busy doing shirts and here are my rates one color design large on back and small on front left chest $18.00 per shirt $15.00 each for 6 or more add $2 per shirt for 2xl and larger Long sleeve is same deal just $25 & $20 when adding multiple colors I usually range between 1.50 to 3.00 more per shirt I order hanes 50/50 or Jerzee 50/50 for around $2.50 a shirt if I need to add an artwork fee it is usually $25 but I often don't charge it because it is a great selling point versus screenprinters (and plus I love to design) hope this helps
  12. I guess I should have said the "foam" kind for cans -you know the ones that keep their shape Does that make sense?? that is the kind I prefer
  13. However you spell or say it- it is like the pronunciation of Louis-ville, Louey-ville, Lou-ah-vul, KY I lived there for several years and I will tell you it is LOU-AH-VUL, KENTUCKY ;D Now that I have settled that rant.....Does anyone know what it takes to make Beer Coozies?? I wonder if it is possible to use a heat transfer vinyl...I know most of them are screened...but I am sure we can figure a different way If anyone knows the answer let me know...I LOVE BEER COOZIES!!! as a matter of fact I collect them
  14. youdude

    Can anyone get a good scan from this??

    I stand corrected.......1ST POST....THANKS
  15. youdude

    Can anyone get a good scan from this??

    mortalimmortal - That is perfect....good work - and such a great help on your 2nd post looks like you'll get along great here