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  1. pyrophire

    OSX Lion

    CuttingMaster 2 has been released for OSX Lion. Available here:
  2. pyrophire

    OSX Lion

    From Graphtec's Site: NOTE: Cutting Master 2 for Adobe IllustratorĀ® and Mac OS X Lion will be available November 15, 2011.
  3. pyrophire

    Mac with MH-721 "HOLDING"

    Check your software settings, I remember seeing an option somewhere for signcut or cuttingmaster that says "hold on color" where it waits for color switches to send the cut commands
  4. pyrophire

    OSX Lion

    Actually microsoft did just that a couple of times, if the os checker didnt think your hardware was new enough, it would cancel the install before it even started. Mac's have been using intel processors for over 5 years, most people have updated their systems to take advantage of updates.
  5. pyrophire

    OSX Lion

    Since it doesnt support power pc apps, CuttingMaster is disabled now. Now to figure out how to get my cutter back online...
  6. pyrophire

    Alternative to FrogJuice?

    I've been using frog juice for a couple of years now but am looking for an alternative that provides a glossy final product instead of a matte/satin finish. Has anyone found a product that works well with inkjet vinyl with a gloss finish preferably in an aerosol can?
  7. pyrophire

    First attempt with air eraser

    You should sell your stuff before you start upgrading to more equip, stuff might not sell and youre stuck with equip that doesnt bring in money and items youve made that you are going to end up using yourself
  8. AI with signcut pluggin. done.
  9. pyrophire

    Printing on vinyl with inkjet printer

    I buy rolls and cut them down, its pretty price up front but the mark up makes up for that.
  10. pyrophire

    Script font problems

    you need to merge everything into a single path so there are no overlaps
  11. I've had my CE5000 for about a week and I started using CuttingMaster2 to cut instead of signcut since my signcut requires a yearly subscription. I've noticed that some of the cuts arnt 100% cut and I was looking for an "overcut" option in CM2 but I cant find it. How have you all fixed this problem with incomplete cuts using the stock blade with factory settings on the CE5K?
  12. Charge by the square foot because you will have waste, and why loose money on vinyl which could technically be a decal? Prices should cover vinyl, weeding and install, along with any materials you might need.
  13. I've actually downgraded to a 24", nothing I do is larger than 24" so why have a huge machine. Chances are that if they want something 30+ inches, a big company can do it for cheaper.
  14. My version of signcut had the Refine MH-871 option on there and worked better than the roland driver. Listed it right away on the usb options too, not sure why others dont see it listed on their macs.
  15. pyrophire

    HP-GL Error 1

    I put it to GPGL and it worked lol