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    My first all Linux cut

    Howdy all, Been away from the forums for a while. about a thousand years ago I researched going full Linux in my shop and was mostly successful except for communicating with the cutter "refine 721". After a hardware issue on the Windows box feeding the cutter I decided to search again http://inkcut.sourceforge.net/ I set it up on Ubuntu 10.04 and was able to cut a path directly through the USB port, something I was never able to get working in Windows even with the nifty driver "not a slam on Windows ". Was so excited I needed to pop on and show my first cut :-)
  2. quvmoh

    I need some ninjas

    they don't stand still long enough to have their image captured and if you did get a glimpse it would be your last :-)
  3. quvmoh

    Full version Signblazer Download (all cutters)

    Thanks John, I have not been on the forums in a while and its good to see you are still hard at it :-) I am working with a friend to get all my windows programs that I cannot replace moved over to Linux using wine and will report back if i can get SignBlazer running..
  4. quvmoh

    Let's see your company logo(s)!

    made while waiting on cutter :-)
  5. quvmoh

    marvin the martian

    great needed one for the boss
  6. quvmoh

    I'm looking for the "dodge" truck font.

    have look at this http://www.dafont.com/search.php?psize=m&q=dodger
  7. quvmoh

    What am I doing wrong?

    I am always forgetting what i am doing so have to double check. after tracing bitmap I move the top image down, you will notice while the moved image is selected inkscape states that it is the path "bottom panel in inkscape" and is the one you want to save, click the top image and the panel will change to image, you should delete this one.
  8. Thanks Andy, I will show this to them for other projects but for this banner i really need to find a steam engine with cars. Thanks again
  9. Hey all, life has been keeping me busy and i have a lot of catch up reading to do.. Helped a bunch of guys at work on their go-cart racing helmets and caught the attention of our reclusive warehouse troll. turns out he is a hardcore model train nut and is very involved in the local club. The club has a graphic of a steam train turning toward the viewer with the cars banking to the right loosing perspective and would be perfect for a table banner but has been photo copied so many times there is no way I could clean it up. at this point any nice engine and train would work but not having much luck finding one that would convert well. Thanks for any help
  10. that would be perfect they only want a one color banner :-)
  11. quvmoh

    Who has a website? SUBMIT!

    oops been bad and not reading, missed all the fun! http://vinylrocket.com/
  12. quvmoh

    Sample vinyl

    ok maybe not the right spot to ask but if one was to try t-shirt vinyl, could you use an iron for one shirt? Thanks
  13. quvmoh


    just got the serial cable replaced on my Refine 721 and it is indeed a null modem cable db9 male to female, my first trip to the computer store was for a non null and no talky talky the cable was only $10 but unfortunately there are a thousand other things to impulse buy while I'm there
  14. Middle of a big job, shut down last night no problems. this morning got the dreaded cannot initialize cutter. tried a new cable and i get the loading to cutter and the status bar loading and no error but cutter does not move. ran test on cutter and it made a nice little square XP PROFESSIONAL checked baud 9600 cutter settings refine mh721 blazer.com3 direct baud 9600 data bits 8 parity none stop bits 1 one thing that changed before this error was that i was trying to cut a much longer sign than what i have in the past and changed the vinyl size so the cutter would not think i wanted to tile then saved the setting and named it test any ideas??? Thanks Chad
  15. by the by thanks again for all your support this is one of the best forums ever! also needed some vinyl quick, ordered Sunday and got it today, way to go Uscutter
  16. Ok i have her running now under the usb but its going to keep me up nights not knowing why, could I have killed my old cable "always moving machine" and then bought a non null cable? Inquiring minds need to know :-) Thanks all Chad
  17. John you got me there, where is the flow control thanks for replying
  18. Hey all, Just dropped a monkey off at a birthday party and avoided yard sales until the last. for $10 it will be worth it just as a poke at it with a cigar project! those boards in there are each a different font :-)
  19. quvmoh

    New yard sale treasure find

    I don't know, make me an offer i sure wouldn't want to ship it :-
  20. quvmoh

    Anyone brew their own beer?

    heres what you do, go to http://www.basicbrewing.com/index.php?page=radio and buy the basic brewing video and after it comes subscribe your husband to this fellers podcast, the podcast is free and gets the juices flowing, so to speak :-)
  21. quvmoh

    It's a boy! Need a name!

    looks like a gizmo to me :-)
  22. quvmoh

    Funny hunting stories ????

    My first hunt was right out of Patrick Mcmanus, Dad looks back at me and gives me the shush and motions me forward, points out a big buck and hands me a cartridge. shaking like a leaf I slide it into the rifle and work the lever to charge, try to control my breath and pull up on the deer. did not even feel the kick but the buck went down hard and we tore off through the brush to have a look, half way there the big sucker gets up and powers over a ridge. all I have to show for that day is a big chunk of splintered antler :-)
  23. quvmoh

    Wanna share your photo?

    In general here in Idaho "special hunts excluded" you can only have one tag per type of big game your hunting, but I can shoot at them all day with my camera. we dont tend to drive the animals but prefer to hike in and find a nice place to sit and wait, it actually is quite amazing how much reach you have with them old muzzle loaders. if you have the misfortune of dropping a critter down in a gully miles from the truck you cut it up "quarter" and make many trips. I love being out there and hate to miss a hunt but find my blood lust can be sated with the camera these days, been reading to many Buddhist texts in my old age :-)
  24. quvmoh

    Wanna share your photo?

    I had to go back to to the pic file to remember, shot a lot of deer that day but only got to fire the fifty cal once as it was a spike or better hunt and that was only to clear it before going home