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  1. What software are you using? Flexistarter(8.6 or 10) is worth it's weight in gold if you plan on doing any printing.
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    Help printing with WF1100

    Make sure you are starting with a high resolution(150 or greater)my wf1100 does the same thing at 72 dpi looks like crap. 150 and above look great, but take forever to print with flexistarter(had one the other day that took over a half hour just to start printing).
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    Adding Node

    right click on the line where you want the node, click add.
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    Illustrator Book Specifically For Decal Creation?

    +1 on it's awesome and well worth the money.
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    'Cannot Open Port' - Using Flexi 8.6 sv2

    usb or serial connection? I get this when I switch usb ports and forget to change it in production manager.
  6. Those actually sound very reasonable.
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    Double Contour cut with Shadow & Outline

    I design in Photoshop, import into flexi, then contour and have never had any issues.
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    Is anyone making Decals for sport watercraft

    Make sure there is absolutely no wax on the suface. the slightest bit of wax will cause it to fail.
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    Flexi Starter download for purchase?

    I have a brand new legal version of 8.6 that I just got with a new cutter that is for sale. let me know if you are interested.
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    Looking for a good logo

    just my .02: If you cannot make your own logo, you might be in the wrong business. There are alot of great people on this forum, but I doubt any of them will be willing to go this far. Post what you have so far, and people will help you - but to expect someone to do it for you is pretty ballsy.
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    Problem with Workforce 1100

    wasn't sure how the ciss worked, I use the refillable carts and have only had that one minor issue.
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    Problem with Workforce 1100

    I had a similar issue, change the cartridge out and it fixed it.
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    Contour cutting laserpoint

    you should give flexistarter a try. worth every penny when it comes to contour cutting. I believe the issue you are having would be solved by using the four reg mark system.
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    Thinking about getting into Vinyl Cutting

    I have an extra copy of flexi 8.6 with contour cut if you are interested, I live in Palmyra. I got this last week when I had to replace my broke cutter.
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    Anyone do printed dog tags? fast shiping to NY atleast.