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  1. mattie77

    Cutting logos with a copyright

    Neuromax, Thanks for the your answer.
  2. What do you guys do when asked to cut a logo that has a copyright? For example: Fox Racing, Chevy bowtie, Alpinestars, John Deere, Ford. All of these logo have a copyright. with the copyright, one can not use the logo for commercial use to profit from it. I have gone to some Motorsport shows, and some other big shows and have seen vinyl shops with these logos for sale. Is there somewhere, where you can obtain a license to use such logos? Do shops just cut and not think of the copyright? I'm only asking because I have been asked to cut some logos that I knew had the copyright and have turned business away. Thanks for any answers. Matt
  3. mattie77

    Long Cuts

    Thanks Guys. I have tired the Keyspan adapter and it didn't help.
  4. When I cut anything longer than 30in, It will stop cutting halfway through or will only cut 2 or 3 letters then stop. What can I do to fix this problem? I'm working with a MH871 using Inkscape and Signcut.
  5. mattie77

    New to Flexi

    Im trying to get the yellow behind the black to show up to where I have 3 colors to cut. I can get it like this one but when I go into cut. The yellow is either not there or its the same size as the black. Doing the same thing with letters
  6. mattie77

    New to Flexi

    Im new to flexi. I have flexistarter. Need help with doing outlines on letter and numbers. I think I'm missing something somewhere.Im doing a 3 color # and Im having trouble getting the outline to show in all my colors when I want to cut.
  7. mattie77

    Anyone Draw stuff and cut it

    Is there something I have to do to the drawing first? I scanned it and when i go to cut i get a message saying there is no cuttable object.
  8. Has anyone done their own drawing and scanned it then cut? I just getting started with my own cutter. I know I have done drawings and scanned them, then cut them out on other peoples cutters, But that was all on a PC. I have FlexiStarter. Can anyone help me out. Thanks