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  1. I just changed the head on my Versacamm300v. The red started printing great again. Then out of nowhere, the blue stopped. I finally got that going and now the red and yellow has stopped again. The lines are clean, I see movement when I pump up the ink, they are filling in the dampers too. I have changed the capping stations. I am so lost as to what is wrong. Any thoughts? Thanks
  2. djb28

    Football Helmet decal

    Thanks. I have a few sites that will cut for me already. I am wondering if i can cut my own? Can i buy material that thick to cut on my own machine, or are they not made to cut that thickness?
  3. djb28

    Football Helmet decal

    I was wondering. Before I send this order out and have to pay someone else. Can I cut my own Helmet decals on my machine?. It cuts through 3 mil fine, But what would happen if I put 10 or even 20 mil through it? Can it be done or is this a different kind of machine? Next question. Can I buy something that heavy even if it would work? I have looked only on Ebay so far and see nothing. thanks
  4. djb28

    will vinyl stick to coroplast

    LOL. I understand. :thumbsup:Thanks for your reply.
  5. djb28

    will vinyl stick to coroplast

    I was asked to make a coroplast sign. I never have had to use that material. I know there are lines in the board. Will vinyl adhere to it? It is around 70 per sign to have a simple two color coroplast sign done. I can do that for half with vinyl. If it sticks.
  6. djb28

    Vinyl on side window

    I have never placed vinyl on a side window that will be rolled up and down before. Will this be ok? or will it cause problems?
  7. djb28

    Long time lurker

    Thanks Tinaski. But i really would need a 24" It is tempting, but i know i would kick myself. I think i have learned all i can handle at the sign shop. I know there is always stuff to learn. But i am being used for my designing ideas. Not getting paid for what they use, and they get profit. So i basically do three jobs and get paid to paint signs. Not cool. So when i get my cutter and roll in to work with my name and logo on the truck and they see it. Im sure all Hell will break loose!
  8. I see a lot of people talking up the PCut here. Is that a money issue thing for starters or is it really that good? I am heavily weighing on the side of USCutter LaserPoint Vinyl Cutter w/ CONTOUR CUTTING for 549.00. I am not rich, But i do not want to grab something that i will be wanting to upgrade two weeks later. Maybe 3. lol Does any one have this or any feedback on it? My gut tells me to grab this one.
  9. djb28

    Long time lurker

    Thanks Kenya. I did look at the copam. Maybe i will revisit that choice. Also the USCutter LaserPoint Vinyl Cutter. I want to be cutting by next week!
  10. djb28

    Long time lurker

    Hey everyone. I have been watching this site for a while now. I work for a sign shop. Since that first week i have been itching to leave and do this on my own. I never knew how easy it really could be if you have the skill. Where i work we make logos, Make signs and do Vinyl graphics. I have taken a great interest in the Vinyl graphics and think i want to do this for myself. I have been looking at cutters. I can not afford a GraphTech, like i use at work. So whats left? US Cutter? Is this the answer? I am looking at a Seiki 28" I have read good and bad reviews and do not know what to believe. I dont care if it is 300 or 1,000.00 i start out with. I do not want to waste away money before i start. Can someone help me out? I would love to get started and post my results with you all!