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  1. is there a way to make the colors on illistrator cs3 more brighter. im trying to print out graphics with a bright lime green color and all the colors on the color chart look daul. and print daul, is there a way to make the colors more richer and vibrent ? thanks
  2. godstrong1

    offset Question????

    i am using adobe illistrator Cs3 and i am trying to contour cut some text that are solid color print and i want a contour cut line offset so it has a quarter inch white ouline, i followed a youtube video but the problem i am having is when i offset the the cut line it creates a second cut line and the offset line goes compleatly around every letter. and i just want it to go around the print not around every letter? and also how do i get rid of the inner cut line, and just keep the offset cut line so it only cuts the offset line? any help is appreciated.
  3. godstrong1

    Chrome Font?????

    i meant chrome font? thanks
  4. godstrong1

    Chrome Font?????

    I am trying to find a chrome font that looks like chrome. is there a website out there that i can download this font for free? i dont have photoshop. thanks
  5. i need help identifying these fonts.i need both of the fonts names if possible.cant figure it out. thanks in advance
  6. godstrong1

    banner material price?

    how much do you guys pay for the cheap basic 13oz digital printable banner material 48"with '
  7. godstrong1

    help bidding decals?

    sorry i diffident specify myself correctly, my client wants them at wholesale price so he can resell them.
  8. godstrong1

    help bidding decals?

    here is another sticker1.pdf
  9. godstrong1

    help bidding decals?

    here is the other 24k sticker.pdf
  10. godstrong1

    help bidding decals?

    here is one of the files ladiesbullyfreaksticker.pdf
  11. godstrong1

    help bidding decals?

    hey guys i need some help bidding some 1 color decals i attached the files below. he wants them about 9" each and about 50 decal all together. what would you guys charge for something like this? thanks
  12. godstrong1

    what is this fonts name?

  13. godstrong1

    what is this fonts name?

    does any one know the name of this font? i attached a picture of the letter. cant seem to find this. its the five star lettering thanks
  14. godstrong1

    need help croping this file

    that is the problem, i don't have photoshop. if some one can help me with this, that would be awesome. thanks again
  15. godstrong1

    need help croping this file

    can someone please help me size this file to a 8'x4' and vector it if possible. need this printed by tomorrow. thanks in advance