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  1. I really appreciate everyone's posts around this. I'll try the standard / back position for the perf cuts to see what my results are and if I damage my cutting strip. I'll also keep digging and I'll post back here if I find a solution.
  2. @Wildgoose - thank you for the answer, and that totally tracks. This is where it gets a little odd: the Graphtec has a bit of a different setup with the tool holder (Graphtec's verbiage, not mine) - it has 2 areas to put the blade holder in (or "cutter plunger", in their terminology - I'm sure you can see why I've had some trouble with this). There is a front and a back. The back aligns the blade with the cutting strip, which totally makes sense to me. The front aligns the blade over a channel, which is there to allow perf cuts without damaging your cutting strip (please see the handy-dandy image attached). I haven't seen this setup before, as I've used Titan cutters in the past, which just had a single hole for the blade holder and a kevlar strip along the cut path. @Dakotagrafx - good one on the 1/2 credit card thing. I was setting my blades up wrong for so long after I read that, and I think it was actually in a manual somewhere, no less.
  3. Yes, I am, as a matter of fact.
  4. First, thank you for the fast replies. Second, I knew I forgot to include something in the original post - the software. I've used Signcut Pro. I have a license for Cutting Master 4. I also feel like I was using the incorrect terminology - it's not truly "die-cut" but more "contour cut". @Wildgoose - no, I didn't realize cutting all the way through would be a nightmare, so thank you for saving me a few yards of vinyl. I'll stick to the perf cuts.
  5. I know this is an easy solve - it has to be. And I also know that my base issue is that I don't know the correct terminology so I can research it properly. These are both disclaimers so you hopefully don't roast me for either. I have a Graphtec ce6000-40, and I'm somewhat experienced with it, and moderately experienced with vinyl cutting in general. Recently, I started attempting die-cut stickers (vinyl that's been printed on and has a cut path) - which have worked spectacularly, until I try to cut them out. My blade holder is in the front position to allow for full cutting (as opposed to half or preforated). The registration marks are read fine, but when it comes to cutting time, the cuts are off by about what the difference is between the front and back blade holder positions. I know there is a setting to correct this. I just don't know what it is, or what it's called. Yes, I've read the manual, but haven't found the solution. Can someone please (pretty please) help me out on this one? I know it's a simple solve, but it's making my hair fall out. I love you guys!
  6. Exactly - the test cuts have the same issue as regular cuts. I tried adjusting the offset, but am still having the same problem. As a matter of fact, the offset doesn't seem to be affecting the issue at all - the little "serifs" (for lack of a better word) are the same size and everything. Could this possibly be a loose belt or something of that nature, do you think?
  7. Good questions! (I knew I wasn't giving all the required information here) - Blade offset is at 0, and I've never mucked about with this setting previously (e.g., I wasn't using it for troubleshooting previously) - I added a drop of oil and ran a few test cuts, but I'm still getting the small bits on the corner - I'm using SignCut for the Mac (this has worked pretty flawlessly in the past) I assume the test cuts would indicate the issue is with the cutter and not the software. Thoughts?
  8. Hi all, I have a Graphtec CE5000-60, and have been absolutely loving it. Recently, I've tried cutting some fairly standard stuff (Helv font, 2 inch letters, for example), and I'm getting some pretty weird things happening on the corners of my cuts. It's almost like the blade is spinning in place before lifting, as the corners of the cuts have either small "serifs" on them, or if the cut is on the inside, it takes a bit there as well (see the image with the "A"). I've tried replacing my blade (the blades are non-Graphtec blades, but they've cut well in the past), and slowing down the cutting speed, but it happens no matter what adjustments I make. Any ideas? Thanks!
  9. Kraut, I just went through this same thing, and it was the motherboard. Fortunately, USCutter's support staff is pretty good at what they do, and since my cutter was covered under warranty, the motherboard replacement was free. Once I replaced it, the cutter worked fine. Some tips for after you replace the motherboard: GROUND THE CUTTER. The USCutter OEM cutters aren't properly grounded internally, and a static buildup will kill your cutter pretty quickly. You can ground your cutter by unscrewing any of the screws on the metal part of the cutter, scraping away the paint, and attaching a wire from that point to a ground. I used the ground from a nearby plug to ground it - this helped quite a bit. I also took the casters off the stand and put the cutter on two anti-static mats. So far, so good...
  10. Just to follow up on this, you were exactly right Dakota. I pulled the end cap of the cutter off, adjusted the tension screw, and it cuts perfectly. WOOT!! Thanks again for all your help!
  11. What a relief! I got the Graphtec to be my 24" workhorse and my stomach all clinched up thinking it would have the same static issues. I'm really glad to hear you've been able to use yours for so long - that's exactly what I'm after.
  12. It does have plastic wheels that come on the stand. Those have been removed to assist in any static removal. And wait - you have the same problem with a Graphtec?? I literally just bought one of those and was hoping to avoid the same issues!
  13. No kidding. I have the stand grounded to the building's ground, and it's also sitting on two anti-static pads (one for each leg), which are also grounded to the building ground. I don't want to take any chances!!
  14. Hi all, I'm getting some weird cuts with my MH1351. I've run into some static issues, and just replaced a fried motherboard, so I'm wondering if the problems I'm having are related to that. I also keep seeing posts about the offset, but I'd like an expert opinion before I start mucking about with those settings. I'm cutting a simple box. In the first photo, the MH1351's cut is at the top, and you'll notice the right side of the box is noticeably narrower than the left side. The bottom cut was done with a PCut CT630, which cut it just fine. In the second photo, I've taken a close-up of the lower right corner of the cut by the MH1351, which is a bit mangled due to the cutter not lining up the inside border. I'm stacking these cuts on the 1351, and I get the same result on each box. So. What is the expert consensus about this? Bum cutter? Or software issue? Technical stuff...I'm using: Mac Pro (before anyone goes into the Mac/PC argument, I've used a PC on the cutter, and get the same result) OSX Signcut Thanks!
  15. Just as an update, I contacted support, and have replaced the motherboard. The cutter is back up and running.