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  1. Billie

    Cutting strip

    Sorry I didnt even see your message .. If i can get a pic will you be able to tell if it will fit?
  2. Billie

    Cutting strip

    Thank you .
  3. Billie

    Cutting strip

    @Dakotagrafx Do you have a recommended cutter I should get ( after Christmas ) , something easy to use , and that I can get parts for ? Also not break the bank ? Thank you .
  4. Billie

    Cutting strip

    I'm hoping my fix works (super glue ) it broke right at the top where the screws are connected to the top wheels . It's working perfect ( right now ) it just needs to hold out till after Christmas !!! It always happens right after you make another big purchase ( new snowmobile) that everything else decides it wants to break Thank you sooo much for trying to help .
  5. Billie

    Cutting strip

    Tried the vinyl and seems to be working But now I found a whole new problem at the top of the carriage head where the 2 rollers are attached , both sides are broke so it's making the head wobbly ... and ideas on where to get a new carriage head !!! it's always something !!!!!! Thank you for all the help with the cutting strip .
  6. Billie

    Cutting strip

    Thank you ....trying it now .
  7. Billie

    Cutting strip

    yeah I found that out I ordered the cutting strip for the new cutter and found out it wont work .Im guessing its time for a new cutter ,but I wanted to limp it along until after Christmas.
  8. Billie

    Cutting strip

    Dakotagrafx Thank you so much I will try that ,at this point it cant hurt
  9. Billie

    Cutting strip

    This is the cutter I have but in 48"
  10. Billie

    Cutting strip

    Nope didn't work... so i still need a new cutting strip .Any ideas?????? Thank you
  11. Billie

    Cutting strip

    Thank you , I'll give that try
  12. Billie

    Cutting strip

    Thanks ...I bought that one already it won't work , mine has a groove on the bottom and it snaps in . That one is just flat on both sides . My cutter is about 6-7 years old . Thank u anyways
  13. Billie

    Cutting strip

    I have a old uscutter 48" pcut laserpoint plotter . I'm trying to find a new cutting strip for it , because uscutter doesn't carry them anymore .. any ideas on where I can purchase one ? Thank you .
  14. Billie

    A office wall I did .

    @GreenTech THANK YOU