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  1. wideopen

    Can someone help me out

    It is 100% legit, I don't know who he had do the work, I am just trying to help him out. I don't know what the circumstance is with the original file? Jim Cooper owns the company and ask if I could help him out. I would appreciate any help with this...Thanks again.
  2. wideopen

    Can someone help me out

    Thanks guys. Ive have him reach out to who ever built the logo for him.
  3. wideopen

    Can someone help me out

    Yes you are correct,, it belongs to the guy I am trying to help get this done.
  4. wideopen

    Can someone help me out

    Thanks for the reply. I'm getting this converting this as a favor, I'm not actually cutting it. All I have at the current moment is a work computer that I can't load software on. I will be building/replacing my o;d computer in the near future.
  5. wideopen

    Can someone help me out

    Sorry I need it converted to a Vector Image. Thanks again
  6. wideopen

    Can someone help me out

    My Computer that had all my editing software Crashed, think I lost about everything??? I haven't had a chance to repair it yet. I am a hobby, when I get to it cutter. Can someone help me out with this? Its a favor for a buddy. .Thanks in Advance.
  7. wideopen

    Tennessee Titans Logo

    Thanks! I didn't know that about the site rules..
  8. wideopen

    Tennessee Titans Logo

    God I know this is an old thread, but can someone do this in one Color? Please?
  9. wideopen

    Can Someone help

    Can anyone Clean this up and turn it into a .eps for me? Thanks in advance!
  10. Thanks for the reply's. After close examination I realized the cutting Knife was damaged.
  11. http://forum.uscutter.com/index.php/topic,9918.0.html
  12. USCutter 50" Refine Vinyl Sign Cutter The Cutter with Etch the vinyl...but wont cut all the way through? I need help with this Please? When I got this Cutter it would cut good on the right side, but as it moved to the left it would only etch the vinyl and not cut all the way? Any Ideas?