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  1. Kenla

    Replacement Carriage for LP1 24"

    Please accept my apologies Skeeter for my tardy response and show of gratitude for your help. I was out of state only returned yesterday. Anyway I did follow your advise & contacted the link you provided. Although I agree that the carriages really do look the same, they ask me for photos of my carriage which I sent them, they are saying that my carriage is not their product. I am still searching & hope that I may find someone with a spare or unused one. Thanks again. Have a good day. Kind regards.
  2. Kenla

    does anyone have this

  3. Kenla


  4. Hi & good day to all. I am not sure whether this is the right place to ask but do wish that someone would direct me where to begin my search for a replacement carriage for the LP1 24". I have contacted US Cutter, however was informed that these machines are no longer in production hence they do not stock replacement parts for them. I am in need for a carriage & would appreciate any help provided be it the offer of an unused carriage for sale or pointing me in the direction of where I can buy one. Have a good day every one.
  5. Kenla

    Dive Flag

    Thank You.
  6. Kenla

    Etched mirrors

    Nice work
  7. Kenla

    Layering with Parchment Paper

    Great video. Thanks for taking the time to do this.
  8. Hi & good day to all. I've tried what's the font but my efforts have been all futile. Can you please help by identifying the fonts please.
  9. Been away for a while. However just dropped by to thank everyone for their help & contributions. I haven't had the time to rip apart that cutter as yet since it is already in a state of be non-productive, hopefully next week I will attend to it. Have a lovely weekend everyone.
  10. Thanks to all. Yes I have lifted the cover, poked and looked around. On the face of it everything seems to be alright. I will keep looking though. Also I will do as suggested ie. will save to a lower illustrator version. Thanks again for the help.
  11. Kenla

    In memory of paramedic

    Thanks for the copy.
  12. Hi Mz Skeeter, well the cutter I was told is a LP1 for starters. Anyway the carriage simply won't go down to execute the cut although it goes through the entire motion. Only when it's done not a mark on the vinyl. Thanks for a prompt response.
  13. Hi & good day to all. I need your help on this one please. Well my LP24 has decided that it's taking a break from cutting vinyl, so a friend has decided to lend a hand but he is using WinPCSigns. I need to create Ai files compatible with WinPCSings for my vinyl cutting. My files were created in Inkscape & taken over to a friend who has Adobe Illustrator but can't explain a hoot about it. Anyway when my eps file are imported into Illi, the expand feature does not seem to work on my files. Hence I can't create Ai compatible files. Can some please tell me what it is I have done wrong or did not do, so that I can remedy the problem. I have attached two files for your examination & suggestions. Chief_Inspector_Asst.eps Manager_Compliance_&_Records.eps