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  1. NetherX

    MH721, which cable?

    if you are looking for cables of any kind you need to be looking at I got a 100' Serial cable for my cutter for $25 shipped.
  2. NetherX

    MH871 from box to its first cut

    Final Fantasy! 1000 Needles sucka!
  3. NetherX

    Anyone have "Fire Down Below" font?

    Spend the $8 on the font, you will make it back.
  4. NetherX

    A few signs

    Where are you getting your blanks for the signs? If you don't mind sharing that is...
  5. NetherX

    Dont buy a US Cutter

    Why are you making your first cuts on expensive material? Why not use some cheap greenstar vinyl first?
  6. NetherX

    Hard Drive Help please

    Probably a head crash. It happens, luckily you are smart enough to keep backups. Good man.
  7. NetherX


    Here you go. You should really download Inkscape and try converting images to vectors, it is extremely easy. bass.eps bass.eps
  8. NetherX

    Hard Drive Help please

    Make sure you reboot and check in disk management again. If a drive loses power or IDE/SATA connectivity it will not remount until a reboot is forced.
  9. @pungohboy: Glad you got it working. How do you like the free no nag?
  10. NetherX

    new computer

    Download this. Password to the file is uscutter This is SBE with no nag
  11. NetherX

    Mislabeled jerseys

    Well it definitely isn't the customer's problem. They aren't going to care about your labor or your materials, just their finished product. Teamwork may replace the mislabeled products, but they probably aren't going to pay for your lost time or materials either. You probably will end up eating it on this one, bad luck sometimes.
  12. NetherX

    Full version Signblazer Download (all cutters)

    Password to the file is uscutter.
  13. NetherX

    Full version Signblazer Download (all cutters) Give that a go. Follow the instructions that are included.
  14. Well if that is the case. Here is a link to a perfectly working SignBlazer Elements with no nag screen. Please donate $1 to the Haiti Earthquake relief fund if you find this useful. password on the file is uscutter