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  1. twice

    Insurance Companies Suck !!

    I guess here in town, You need a permit to put up a fence, but not a building........ Go figure,,,
  2. twice

    Insurance Companies Suck !!

    Whats a building permit?
  3. twice

    license plate machin need information

    That would probably be illegal here in the states , To make your own plates and try to pass them off as real.... Then you would be an inmate making real ones... :-
  4. twice

    I apologize has Quickbooks 2010 for Mac for $189.99
  5. Time yourself doing it, When I get something like this, I time myself weeding, and taping it. then Divide that by your hourly rate, and figure out material cost,(something like this would be minimal for materials). Add in some design time and you have a price. So to give an example of my pricing structure, I quick did one of these, just like yours, timed myself prepping weeding and taping and it took appx. 1 Min. It was actually easy to weed, I pull from above the L on professional and go towards the p on performer and it pealed off really fast, Then pick out all the small ones in the letters, slap some tape on it and its done. If you want to know more how I do multiples like this pm me. Anyways getting back to the pricing. So at 1 Min that works out to be $1.25 (at $75/hr) For the labor, Now add about $.05 for materials, and you come up with $1.30. Now with your $.40....... If it takes you 1 Min to do the job, 1 Min would be $.40 take that X 60 (min/hr) and you get $24/hr Say it takes you 2 Min to do the job, If we figure that in, 1 Min would be $.20 take that X 60 (min/hr) And you get $12.00/Hr. And total job, $24-$40. Is that worth 2-4hrs of you time??? One more thing, When you figure out the time. Don't think you can just bust the things out, Try and figure out the real time it takes you. I can charge $75/hr Because that is my skill level, at first I was at about $30. The more practice you get the better you will be, and the more productive. Sorry for the long post.
  6. Which Corel Draw are you using? I know in X3 It is Super easy to outline something like that.
  7. twice

    AIG Bailout

    Well Ill close this topic with this,, at least im not the only one that thinks this way..
  8. twice

    AIG Bailout

    I have no problem with bailing out a company if they tried to keep afloat, But that would also mean you should have tried everything to keep afloat, if you were trying to keep afloat, wouldn't you maybe all take a pay cut (who needs a salary like that) and not take the bonus??,,, Maybe we all just have a conscience?? At least I do.....
  9. twice

    AIG Bailout

    But do you think they earned the bonus?? on top of their extravagant wages?
  10. twice

    AIG Bailout

    I seen some things about this the other day, And it just ticks me off.. They ask the government for help because of the biggest quarterly LOSSES in history. 62 Billion... look at this, gives you a little idea, Now with the bonuses.... Isnt a bonus supossed to happen if you have done well??? I know if the company I work for lost money, I would not get a bonus... But hey, If you have a company that is loosing billions of dollars and are hiring,, Id be happy to spend the millions in bonuses for doing a bad job... just my .02
  11. twice

    Bad experience

    Joe re did it for me!! Thanks!!!! I will be sending him more work later on. :thumbsup:
  12. twice

    Bad experience

    Actually I looked in my old signcraft mag, thought that would be a quick place to go..
  13. twice

    Bad experience

    I thought I'd save some time and send art out to get vectorized,, I was wrong, I should have just re-drawn it myself. They did a horrible job on it, it would work great for printing, as line can cross each other and you can do shading, but not for cutting.. Which is what I said I needed it for.. I then contacted them and asked if they could fix it, No reply. In a time with the economy the way it is, I would never think about burning someone... I wont post what company it was, but if you want to know, pm me , then you will save yourself 40 bucks too..
  14. twice

    homemade jerky??

    Well I make jerky out of a lot of things,, my best is Rabbit though,,, Anyways I cut the meat into about 3/8"thick strips and then take a bowl with some Teriyaki sauce and Worcestershire sauce a bit of salt and pepper, then add a little water, enough to cover all the meat, let it sit in the bowl for about 24hrs in the fridge. Then I place the meat on racks and pepper 1/2 of the jerky then place them in the oven. you will want to put a big pan on the bottom rack with some tin foil to catch the drippings. Then turn the oven on the lowest setting and crack the door open just a little bit, It usually takes about 2hrs to cook/dry the meat out. When your done I usually bag them in ziplock's and place in the fridge, after I eat some of course. I use the same maranade for about a week. just keep adding a little spice here and there... that reminds me, I should go hunting soon...
  15. twice

    My newest toy.

    I really dont know It was such a good deal, couldnt pass it up.. All my cars have stereos in them, mabe I just need to buy another car??